Sunday, 2 October 2016

After Samsung Galaxy Note7, now iPhone7 Plus explodes!

While Samsung is slowly getting back on its feet after the Galaxy Note7's battery explosion fiasco, the bad luck seems to have passed on to its arch rival Apple, as a report of iPhone 7 Plus catching fire has made it ways to the social media platforms.
A Reddit user, who goes by the moniker kroopthesnoop has posted a picture of his colleague's fully burnt iPhone 7 Plus, leading to false apprehension among the Apple devices owners over the iPhones' safety.
That said, there is no reason to get into panic mode just yet, as it is one-off case reported across all regions, in which iPhone 7 series has been released. Unlike, the Galaxy Note7, which gets burned during charging, the affected iPhone 7 Plus owner never used the device. It had got damaged while in transit.
As per the latest report, Apple's Texas office personnel have already contacted the device owner and are working with AT&T to expedite the replacement procedure soon.
So far, there is no word on what caused the iPhone to catch fire, but many theories are floating around on the Internet. One logical theory seems to suggest that the device might have got damaged during transportation and punctured the device battery and thereby causing it to catch fire. Even the outside of the package is partially burnt, which indicates the device was physically damaged.

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