Friday, 30 September 2016

Stolen Van Gogh paintings found in anti-mafia raid in Italy!

Italian police have recovered two Van Gogh paintings stolen in 2002 during a dramatic raid on an Amsterdam museum.
The works were recovered from the Naples mafia, they said.
The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam said the works were found during a "massive, continuing investigation" by Italian prosecutors and organised crime officials.
The paintings were taken when thieves used a ladder and sledgehammers to break into the museum.
They were eventually found wrapped in cloth in a safe in a house in the picturesque seaside town of Castellammare di Stabia, near Pompeii.
The works were among assets worth millions of euros seized from a Camorra organised crime group linked to cocaine trafficking, Italian reports said.
Months earlier, police had arrested several suspected drug traffickers who had invested their proceeds in Dubai, Spain and the Isle of Man. They were reportedly linked to one of the biggest mafia clans in the Scampia area of northern Naples.
Among those arrested in January were suspected drugs gang leader Raffaele Imperiale and Mario Cerrone. It was Mr Cerrone who apparently told investigators about the two paintings.
The theft of the two works, valued by investigators at $100m (£77m; €89m), led to criticism of security at the world's major art museums.
The thieves broke into the museum through the roof during the night of 6-7 December 2002 and used sledgehammers to break a first-floor window.
They took the paintings off the walls of the main exhibition hall. Experts were baffled at the time of the theft because guards had been on patrol and infra-red security systems were in place.
Neither work was insured at the time, and both were on loan to the Van Gogh museum from the Dutch government. Two Dutch citizens were jailed for theft but always maintained their innocence.
The museum said it was so far unclear when the works would be returned to Amsterdam but in a statement it said they appeared to be in "relatively good condition".
Dutch and Italian ministers were overjoyed by the news, and praised Italian investigators.

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How to get a good sleep!

I would like to highlight the importance and value of sleep. Quality sleep can make or break how you feel the next day, your energy levels, how well children behave and focus in school and also the amount of healing and repair that occurs in your body.
Do you have disturbed sleep? Is it difficult to fall asleep or maybe your problem is waking up in at 2-3am? Do you wake up refreshed in the morning or you are constantly pressing the snooze button?
Whatever your sleep story may be, I hear you and sympathize with you. I too struggled with sleep and fatigue for till a couple of years back due to my hormonal issues. I couldn't fall asleep until 1 or 2 a.m. and I couldnt drag myself out of bed in the morning.
So I 've lived this situation like you might be experiencing it now, and Im here to tell you, you can fix this with lifestyle changes and paying attention to some laws of nature! Now, I sleep so well just like my daughter and I dont even need an alarm to wake me up in the morning.
Why is this ideal?
Not because your elders told you to do it, but because it syncs perfectly with your adrenal glands production of hormone cortisol. Cortisol in the right concentration is actually a big part of what wakes you up in the morning without an alarm clock.

Here is some wisdom and some considerations for quality sleep:

  • Sleep based on the body's natural design

Nature designed the earth, the sun, and people to work and function together. We are designed to get up when the sun rises and go to bed shortly after the sun sets. One reason we know this is because, after the sun sets, our body produces melatonin that drips into our spinal cord which makes us sleepy. If you are not outside and you are using fake lighting that stresses and fools the nervous system (tv, video games, cell phones, etc.) then your body may not produce melatonin properly. One reason we have such an insomnia problem is that we use technology and dont live out in the world nature designed for us! Have you ever been camping? My husband went on a Himalayan trek and he pointed out to me how his body aligned to the rhythms of nature and he quickly went to sleep after sunset. This is because you are outside and your body is working based on its natural design.
  • Melatonin or Sleeping pills are not good for you.

We live in a synthetic world. Man is recreating nature in a laboratory. Almost all melatonin supplements are made from PETROLEUM. This is why people become dependent on melatonin,continue to increase dosages to get an effect and it causes your own body to stop producing melatonin naturally! This is not a sleep solution, it is becoming drug dependent. Going outside for a walk as the sun sets will help produce melatonin. Sleeping in COMPLETE DARKNESS helps melatonin production too.
  • Minerals are crucial for sleep

Magnesium is the #1 mineral deficiency in today's fast paced world. Taking magnesium before bed can calm the nervous system, relax blood vessels and turn off a busy brain. If you have trouble falling asleep, magnesium may become a good friend. Also, a magnesium bath before bed can be great for calming children and getting them prepared for bedtime. Other electrolytes are important as well, which would include calcium, potassium, and sodium.
  • Take it easy after evening.

Taking it easy during the hour before going to be, avoiding over stimulation of the nervous system through computer work or television, can make a big difference. Gently massaging the soles of the feet with a little sesame oil or massage oil can greatly calm the nervous system. This is how you can make overactive children become sleepy, too. It's a great practice to light some candles as the sun sets, and ALL technology in the house can be minimized (this means no bright lights, television, cell phones, computers, etc.) It's an amazing way to disconnect from the modern world and return back to the good old days. it a great way to unwind, relax and connect with our family. Without technology to distract us or entertain us, instead, we can connect with each other by talking, telling stories, reading books or playing games.
  • We heal during sleep.

Growth hormones are released during sleep, but only if you go to bed on time. Growth hormone is released in the body sometime between 9 p.m and midnight after going to sleep. If you go to bed at midnight or later, you miss it. Again, this is based on how nature designed us to go to sleep after the sun sets.
Why is growth hormone important?
Many call it the antiaging hormone. Its what helps young ones to grow strong and for us older ones to stay young! Growth hormone is crucial for the body to heal, repair and grow healthy new cells and tissues.
  • Ditch that alarm clock.

You read that right! Man, it seems, was never meant to be woken abruptly, in darkness, by loud, sudden buzzing,beeping, and/or sirentype noises. Rather, our ancestors woke naturally, and gently, each day with the rising of the sun.
There are different levels of sleep, with the deeper levels (Deep Sleep and REM sleep) being utilized for repairing and rejuvenating your body. The human body is designed to wake up during light sleep, either before entering this repair stage such as during a quick nap or after the deep sleep and REM stages when your body has been repaired and you have returned to a light sleep.
Waking up during deep sleep leaves you very groggy, very tired, and only partially recovered from the strain and stress of the previous day. This can be felt throughout the day as a sort of hazy fog and sore, tired muscles.
Sleep is not just a single thing that happens to you at night. There are 5 stages of sleep and over the course of a nights sleep, you cycle through these stages, with each sleep cycle taking approximately 90 minutes.
The traditional alarm clock has a set time to wake you up, but you could be at any stage of sleep when that happens. Nature did not intend for us to wake up during deep sleep.
In a study conducted by the National Institute of Industrial Health in Japan, participants who were suddenly forced awake had higher blood pressure and heart rate than those allowed to wake up in their own time.Alarms can also add to your overall stress levels. The sudden noise triggers the bodys protective fight or flight response, pumping up your adrenaline levels. While this might be useful to get you to work on time, if this activated state persists over days, weeks and months, it can lead to chronic stress.
Scientists found that when people were woken during deep sleep, this affected short term memory, cognitive abilities and even counting skills, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association .
Waking up naturally is far gentler on the body. Teach yourself to wake up on time by priming your body's internal clock stick to a regular bedtime routine and train yourself to wake at a certain time. Go to bed at the same time every night and allow yourself to sleep until you wake up naturally. No alarm clocks! If you continue to keep the same bedtime and wake up naturally, youll eventually dig your way out of fatigue and arrive at the sleep schedule thats ideal for you.

The quality of sleep is often determined by what we do during the day. Going to bed with unresolved issues can greatly affect sleep. Making peace with yourself is the key to making peace with others. Conflict arises when we put up some kind of resistance. The resistance is what stresses the nervous system, and puts it on overdrive.
My program may give a new perspective and experience of the things bothering your in your life and allow to make peace with that part of you that is in distress. All problems can be resolved. Not necessarily by working on them, but by seeing them from a different angle. Each one is an opportunity for growth and the problem usually, dissipates when the resistance to it goes away as well.
Nature clearly required rest and sleep for all creatures on this earth. There is a reason that all life is governed by the sun rising and the sun setting. It would benefit us to honor our bodies design even in a busy, complex, technology filled world.
Wishing you all sweet dreams ZzzzZzzz...
Dr. Disha
This article was originally published on Practo Health Feed by Dr. Disha Sridhar, Gynecologist/Obstetrician

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Surprising foods that melt fat!

Wouldn’t it be cool to live with a health and nutrition expert? My ex-roomie sure thinks so. Determined not to gain weight even though it’s sweater season, she still asks me every fall which rapid weight loss foods she should make for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast. Oh, and what about her post-workout shake?
Fortunately for her, there are many crisp-weather foods to enjoy once the leaves turn—and each one blasts fat with the perfect combination of fiber, protein and heart-healthy nutrients. Read on for the nutritionists’ top picks, load up on that pumpkin and get ready to spoon up some seriously delectable dinners. And to live your happiest and healthiest life ever—summer, spring, winter or fall.

1. Pumpkin Seed Pesto

"Blend [pumpkin seeds] with basil, parm and garlic for a twist on a nut-free pesto,” suggests Rebecca Lewis, RD for HelloFresh, a leading healthy meal kit delivery service. Or, you can toast them and sprinkle onto salads in lieu of toppings. Lewis also suggests adding them to soups for a dose of added protein.

2. Green Tea

"Just as the cool weather is coming, if you can drink 4-5 cups a day you may actually not only warm up but speed up your metabolism and even burn more calories (and fat, including belly fat!) in your sleep, thanks to its polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG,” explain The Nutrition Twins, Lyssie Lakatos, RDN, CDN, CFT and Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN, CDN, CFT, and authors of The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure. “It also contains the amino acid theanine that brings on a mental alertness and calmness that helps you to make rational decisions, so you can turn down fatty, caloric foods that you’d normally eat due to stress.” Editors at Eat This, Not That! found this to be true: Test panelists on The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse lost up to 10 pounds in one week!

3. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

"The perfect meld of delectably crispy and bright with fresh flavor, this cruciferous veggie is one of our favorite superfoods. “Roast them with spices and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast,” suggests Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, a plant-based dietitian and author of The Vegiterranean Diet and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition. “They’re excellent weight loss foods because they are loaded with fiber and detoxifying glucosinolates.”

4. Beet Hummus

“Blend into hummus to turn it a pretty pink,” suggests Lewis. “When boiling beets, add two tablespoons of lemon juice to help them keep their beautiful vibrant color.” Then, when you add them to your chickpea, tahini and olive oil mixture for hummus, you’ll get a stunning, hot pink shade for your final spread. Also, try sneaking beets into your favorite brownies or pancake recipe. “Your kids will have NO idea they are there!”

5. Dried Plums

Summer may be alllll about those fresh fruits, but autumn is a great time to incorporate dried fruits into your diet. “Dried plums are one of the best natural constipation remedies. A serving of four to five dried plums packs three full grams of fiber,” shares Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN, author of the upcoming book, Body Kindness. “About half of that is insoluble, which helps speed food through the digestive tract. The other half is slow-moving soluble fiber, good for enhancing satiety, lowering cholesterol and regulating blood-sugar levels. They both add up to a very healthy gut.” And trim tummy!

6. Spaghetti Squash

“Just when the cooler weather has you craving warm, unhealthy comfort foods, spaghetti squash is one of the best replacements for spaghetti!” exclaim The Nutrition Twins. “It feels like a hearty meal, but one cup only has about 40 calories—more than 75% fewer calories than a cup of plain pasta.” Even better? It’s a good source of fiber, which means it will keep you fuller for longer and help keep belly bloat at bay.

7. Kiwi

“They may be small, but these sweet-tasting fruits contain a hefty amount of actinidin, a natural enzyme unique to kiwifruit that aids in digestion by breaking down protein in the body. Kiwifruit also contains prebiotic fiber, which primes the gut for healthy digestion,” says Scritchfield. “Research indicates that a daily serving of green kiwifruit helps increase bowel movements. So, cut in half, scoop with a spoon, and pop into your mouth like nature’s Tums (SunGold kiwis, with a yellow flesh and tropical taste, offer 3 times the vitamin C of oranges and as much potassium as a medium banana).” Did we mention they’re just hankering for a heavenly breakfast bowl?

8. Fennel

“Almost all vegetables are good as they help to move gastric irritants out of the stomach that cause stomach distention and bloat, but fennel, which is in season and best in fall and winter helps ease gas and bloating that make the stomach look distended,” say The Nutrition Twins. “It also is a good source of potassium to help restore normal fluid balance and flush bloat.” Try slicing it raw into salads for a unique flavor profile or roasting it with salt and pepper and a squeeze of citrus. 

9. Mushrooms

Game, set, ‘shrooms. As in, time to add a hefty helping of this potent and nutrient-packed fungi to your next meal. Fall’s the perfect time (and the start of their peak season) to sautée them into a tomato-based sauce or roast them until crisp to add as a topping to tasty salads brimming with autumnal bounty (think: squash, pumpkin seeds, massaged kale). “Swapping any of the infinite types of hearty, umami-flavored mushrooms for meat will keep your belly flat due to their very low fat and calorie count and super nutrient profile,” explains Hever.

10. Brown Rice

“Healthy eating may be triggering gas overload,” offers Scritchfield. “Rice is the only starchy food that does not cause gas, research says.” To keep things healthy, stick to a fist-size portion with your meals.

11. Winter Squash

Yes, you can get ‘em in the fall (and should!). “Note: These winter squashes have thicker skins so require longer cook times than summer squash,” says Lewis. The outcome? A tantalizing, roasted veggie side that’s worthy of being an entrée (just stuff with beans, veggies and garlic or herbs for a tasty medley of flavors).

12. Apples

“Nature's perfect autumn weight loss food are apples,” says Hever. “Eat them raw, sprinkled with cinnamon, or baked as a seasonal treat. You cannot overeat them, there are myriad varieties as options, and studies show that enjoying an apple before a meal decreases total caloric intake at that meal.”

13. Pistachios

Bet you can’t have just one. And that’s okay, pop a handful of these nutrition superstars. “Pistachios are the perfect fall-flat belly food (harvested in early September with harvest lasting approximately six weeks and popular right through the holidays) are our favorite because they have a winning combination of protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep you satisfied throughout the day,” say The Nutrition Twins. In addition to keeping vending machine-cravings in check, the fact that you have to de-shell them, also helps you avoid mindless snacking. “Most snacks with a satisfying crunch also cause stomach irritation and bloat from salt, fat and from digestive distress, not pistachios! Also, their fall hues (green and red-purple colors) come from antioxidants!”

14. Dark Leafy Greens

These antioxidant-packed powerhouses are perfect to toss into fall soups, stir fries and more. Some ideas: “Massage your kale to help break down the fibers a bit, then sautée it with garlic and olive oil; Blend spinach in your morning smoothie with bananas for a green power breakfast; add swiss chard to your hearty fall soup recipes — it's texture is able to stand up to the longer cook times.”

15. Hot Peppers

“Hot peppers, one of the greatest weight loss foods of all, are in season in autumn,” offers Hever. “Hot pepper's capsaicin stimulates the metabolism to help you burn more calories.” Crunch-enthusiast?

16. Kefir

Summer may be all about those slimming frozen desserts, but with fall in full swing? Enter: kefir. “This is like yogurt, but even better because it has more live active cultures to nourish your GI tract so the good bacteria thrive,” says Scritchfield. Worth noting: “Even though it's dairy, kefir is 99% lactose free because the kefir cultures break down lactose so you don't have to!” Try it with your breakfast or as a satisfying post-workout snack.

17. Baked or Roasted Potatoes

And add to that: yams and sweet potatoes. “They’re very low in fat, high in satiating complex carbohydrates and fiber that helps you stay lean and satisfied with delicious, comforting sweetness,” suggests Hever.

18. Pumpkin

If you’re buying it from a can and not fresh, be sure to opt for the unsweetened variety of one of our favorite high fiber foods. “It makes a great, low-calorie dessert, just add cinnamon,” suggest The Nutrition Twins. “Pumpkin is only 40 calories and 5 grams of fiber per half-cup so it will keep your belly lean and flat while the fiber helps to flush unsightly belly bulges from constipation. You can also use pumpkin to replace oil in brownies and butter in other recipes to keep your recipes low-calorie and delicious and your belly flat.” Pumpkin brownies? Don’t mind if we do.

19. Lemons

This citrus fruit is well worth befriending in your autumn routine if you haven’t already. “If you drink alcohol it can cause gas to form in your face and belly. Cut your alcohol in half by swapping a water with lemon between drinks. Try it over ice, sparkling, or hot water with lemon,” suggests Scritchfield. “The vitamin C in lemon helps break down the bloat.” Making fish? “You can also zest [a lemon] and then slice it and add to any fish recipe,” offers Lewis. Green tea with lemon? Even better, you overachiever, you.

20. Quinoa

“A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that dieters who ate whole grains lost more belly fat than those who ate refined grains,” say The Nutrition Twins. “Not only is quinoa made from the whole grain, but it contains 11 grams of satisfying protein per half cup to prevent crashing and binging. It’s fiber-rich too, [which helps to] flush wastes and toxins from the colon and flatten the belly.”

21. Tomatoes

Oh tomatoes, let us count the ways we love you. “They contain the magical combination of water and potassium, which brings on an instant flat stomach by flushing excess sodium, water and bloat from your body and belly,” explain The Nutrition Twins. “Plus, they’re fiber-packed (goodbye constipation and the puffiness that comes with it!) and super low in calories, so you can eat a lot of them without gaining weight.”

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All that you need to know about surgical strikes!

Lt. Gen. Ranbir Singh, Director General of Military Operations, on Thursday said that the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes on seven terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control at around midnight on Wednesday, and destroyed five of them.
The army struck terrorist units that were ready to carry out attacks in Jammu and Kashmir and various other metros in India.
He said the surgical strikes had caused significant casualties to terrorists and those who were shielding them.
So how are surgical strikes carried out, who engages in these strikes and, more importantly, just what are these strikes?
What is a surgical strike?
A surgical strike is a swift, covert military attack designed to destroy specific targets. Such an assault results in damage only to the intended military target and does causes minimal or no collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or public infrastructure and utilities.
Total neutralisation of targets with surgical strikes also ensures the prevention of an assault being escalated to a full-blown war.
As a part of India’s Cold Start Doctrine, surgical strikes are a very effective way of foiling infiltration bids by terrorists across the Line of Control.
The details of the current strike have not been revealed to the public for obvious reasons.
Surgical strikes are a very potent weapon in India’s hand against a hostile nation that has time and again threatened to use nuclear weapons against Indian forces and people.
How is a surgical strike carried out?
Special operations forces or commando units, who are airdropped into the enemy territory, carry out surgical strikes. These elite forces then inflict maximum damage on the targets and are safely extracted from the conflict zone. Some special forces also carry out such strikes in a ground operation.
Air raids too can be a part of a precise surgical strike. The Indian Army, Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy all have special operations forces to carry out surgical strikes if required.
What are the major requirements before carrying out a surgical strike?
Accurate and credible intelligence is the most important element required while planning and executing a surgical strike. The military’s special operations units work very closely with the Intelligence Bureau, the Research & Analysis Wing, military intelligence services and deep assets that the country has within the enemy nation to get all the information related to the targets, etc.
Such Special Operations are very complex and are very carefully planned and coordinated.
India Army’s Parachute Regiments are highly trained para-commandos specially equipped to carry out such audacious strikes. The Indian Navy has marine commandos or MARCOS and the Indian Air Force has Garudas for asset protection and containment.
All about India’s surgical strike across LoC:
  • The surgical operation that Indian Army conducted covered eight locations up to two km across the LOC.
  • It started around 2.30 am (IST) on Thursday and continued till 8 am (IST) on Thursday.
  • The operation focused to ensure that terrorist do not succeed in infiltrating the nation or endangering the life of Indian citizens.
  • Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh said that the terrorists captured have confessed to their training and arming in Pakistan or territories under the control of Pakistan.
  • Lieutenant General Singh also claimed that the teams have found items, including GPS, with Pakistani markings.
  • Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has condemned the attacks and warned India that the country’s “desire for peace should not be interpreted as our weakness.” Pakistan calls the attacks cross-border firing.
  • Lieutenant General Singh said that abiding by the protocol, India had informed Pakistan about the attacks. A week-long surveillance by Indian Army confirmed that terrorists were stationed in the areas ready to infiltrate into India.
  • According to Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, two Pakistani soldiers died and nine others were injured in the operation. (From Agencies & IBT)

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

You can lose weight with "turmeric latte"!

Popping up on Pinterest more than ever before, turmeric is the newest “it” spice among healthy foodies. Here, the tastiest way to harness the spice's superpowers to lose 10 pounds—fast!
According to Pinterest’s 2016 Pinsights Flavor Report, the pumpkin spice latte is no longer the coolest kid in school. Not only is it filled with shady ingredients, it's more sugar-coated than a prom queen’s acceptance speech—and the nutrition nerds of the internet (ourselves included) are calling its bluff. If you find it hard to believe that the PSL is falling out of favor, the numbers speak for themselves. Pins of the infamous sugary beverage are down 15 percent, while a healthy yet comforting newcomer is quickly becoming the most popular beverage on the social sharing site. And yes, that newcomer is none other than the turmeric latte, a milk and spice-filled beverage that some fans refer to as golden milk. According to the report, pins for turmeric lattes are up a whopping 99 percent, with users saving twice as many turmeric latte pins than its sugary, caffeinated rival.
Although golden milk may look like a PSL on the outside, when it comes to what it can do for you on the inside, it totally smokes the seasonal beverage. Unlike the Starbucks favorite, turmeric lattes aren’t golden because of potentially cancerous additives like caramel coloring; instead, the spice’s main antioxidant, curcumin, lends the drink its rich amber color as well as all of its amazing health and weight loss benefits. One USDA study discovered that mice supplemented with turmeric experienced reduced weight gain and body fat levels even when their diet was unchanged. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, numerous other reports have connected consumption of the spice to everything from reduced inflammation to improved brainpower.
So next time a colorful PSL ad tries to lure you into Starbucks, be kind to your wallet and waistline and cozy up on the couch with a turmeric latte instead. To make one, combine your milk of choice (we like coconut milk or organic 2%) with a teaspoon of dried turmeric. Bring the two to a low simmer and then add in other tasty seasonings like cinnamon, nutmeg, or even a chai spice blend, to taste. Sipping your way slim has never been easier— or tastier!

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Spy pigeon from Pakistan intercepted in Punjab village!

With Indo-Pak tensions at an all-time high after the Uri attack, public hysteria is evident with conversations about the prospect of nuclear war being regularly featured night after night on prime time TV.
Amidst nuclear apocalypse scenarios and calls for war, a significant story was almost lost in the pandemonium. A couple of days ago, Indian authorities apprehended a "spy" from Pakistan.
The extraordinary "spy" was caught carrying messages inscribed on its body written in Urdu at Motla village in Punjab late Thursday.
What makes the story more interesting is the fact that this spy was in fact a pigeon.
A concerned citizen – Naresh Kumar, thankfully informed the police that the sickly pigeon had landed on his house. The police were quick to apprehend the bird and kick-start the investigation.
After summoning a translator who could read Urdu, the bird was sent through an X-Ray to see if something was hidden inside it.
Mukerian Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Bhupinder Singh said that only names of the days were stamped on it. "We sent the bird for an X-ray to verify if something was hidden inside but nothing suspicious was found. As a precaution, we are keeping the avian in our custody for the time being," Singh was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.
This, however, is not the first time that India has apprehended a Pakistani "spy" pigeon.
A "spy" pigeon was similarly intercepted in March 2015. The pigeon was believed to have crossed over from Pakistan and was discovered by 14-year-old boy in Punjab's Pathankot district who rushed his findings to the police.
Police were suspicious after seeing a message in Urdu and numbers that they believed were part of a landline telephone number in Pakistan's Narowal district. But after it was x-rayed, nothing more was found.
Twitter, however, had a field day after learning that Pakistan's choice of spy mode is a pigeon.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Terrifying 33-ft giant anaconda discovered in Brazil!

Construction workers discovered a giant snake measuring 33-feet (10-metre) long at a construction site in Brazil. The giant anaconda, weighing 400 kg, was found after an explosion was carried out in the Cave of Altamira located in the Brazilian state of Pará.
A video, which was recorded by the construction worker, shows the snake's giant body that will remind you of the movie Anaconda, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight. The snake's body measures one metre in diameter.
The workers chained the anaconda to a crane and later lifted it up to show onlookers its yellow spotted underbelly. However, it is unclear whether they killed the anaconda or not.
Meanwhile, the footage showing the chained snake received criticism on video sharing platform YouTube. Several users slammed the workers for killing the snake.
"Why on Gods Earth have these men killed this poor beautiful creature. This makes me furious! We just don't deserve to be on this planet," one user commented on YouTube.
"Oh, we've found a rare huge snake, possibly one of the last of this size in the wild. I know let's kill it and get some pics," another user commented.
"Of course they killed it, What are they supposed to do, just "hold on to it" for 3 days while someone Flys out to some Remote area in the Amazon to Tranq it? Bahaa....A snake that large is a Major threat, those guys working there lose animals and family members to snakes and Crocs every year....the ain't letting that thing get away. Many of those locations are extremely remote, phones dont work, takes DAYS to get out there....they have literally No Choice," a user commented in support of the workers.
At present, the longest snake mentioned in the Guinness World Record is Medusa, a snake in Kansas City, US, which measures 25 ft 2in long.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Flight attendants share their unexpressed opinions!

To keep their jobs, there are some things flight attendants just can't tell passengers, even if they want to.
But some of these things, while perhaps controversial, could end up being a service to fliers or flight attendants, if only someone would just tell passengers.
So we asked flight attendants everywhere to weigh in on the one thing they'd love to tell passengers but can't, and more than 60 shared their insights.
We've anonymously included some of the more constructive thoughts here:

'Be considerate'

"It's not all about you."

'If your flight is delayed, you'll probably miss your connecting flight'

"They will not hold your connection, ever."

'No, you can't have three different drinks'

"Don't you see the 100 other people waiting for us?"

'Public transportation isn't for everyone'

"If you have such high demands you should consider getting your own plane."

'I'm not talking to hear myself speak'

"I'm tasked with carrying out the rules and regulations set forth by FAA. I risk a possible fine if I don't do what I am tasked to do. There is always a reason we say the things we say."

'Plan for delays'

"Why did you think it was a good idea to book your connecting flight 30 minutes after your first flight?"

'Griping to crew about things they can't control changes nothing'

"You're venting, which is fine. But it won't change anything. Speak to the folks who make the decisions and the big bucks. We didn't choose the wifi system. We didn't choose the leg room. We didn't choose to charge for certain things. I'd love to have it all free and roomy and completely reliable!"

'Behave yourself'

"You are sitting next to a Federal Air Marshal, so put away that tequila you bought in Duty Free."

'We wish we were staffed better so we could give you the service you deserve'

"If it seems like we are forgetting about you, we are not. We just have minimum crew. Usually we are staffed with one flight attendant for every 50 passengers. We need better staffing."

'An airplane is not a grocery store'

"We are 30,000 feet in the air — we have what we have today."

'You're not the only one …'

"I'm afraid of turbulence, too."

'I'm here to save your ass …'

"… not kiss it."

'You could get arrested for doing whatever you want'

"US law requires compliance with lighted and posted signs and crew member instructions.

'The seats are not getting smaller'

"You are getting bigger."

'We ran out of chicken …'

"... not fuel!"

'Keep your shoes on'

"Don't walk around the bathroom and aircraft without shoes on — its filthy."

'I am not your servant'

"I'm not your maid or your waitress or your babysitter, either."

'Just because you're in business or first class does not make you royalty!

"And the guy in the back also paid for a ticket and deserves my time as well."

'Clean up after yourself'

"Don't leave your area a mess. Internationally they give you a blanket in a plastic bag. Use the bag to put your trash in."

'You're in close quarters'

"Take a shower before you fly."

'Get over it!'

"You're in a metal tube hurtling though the air at 600 miles per hour at 38,000 feet — you should be amazed and thrilled, not bitching that you don't have a TV screen to shove your face into for the next two hours."

'Please use your manners'

"It's amazing how many passengers will not say 'please' or 'thank you.' Oftentimes they will barely look up at you. It's very very rude and probably my biggest pet peeve. I'm here to offer you something, Please acknowledge me. Common courtesy is a thing of the past."
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