Friday, 23 September 2016

Some delicious dishes from Asian cuisine!


Noodles are essential and a staple Chinese food. They are made from wheat or rice flour, and can be cooked steamed or stir fried. It can be made with a lot variations and is a delicious healthy option when cooked along with vegetables. The popular types of noodles include chowmein (which are stir-fried and can be cooked dry or with gravy), crispy chowmein (popular in Hong Kong), Singapore rice noodles (stir- fried but curried noodles cooked with a whole lot of vegetables or chicken cubes), Hakka noodles (named after Hakka people are thin flat rice noodles cooked as dry dish, tossed and fried with vegetables or chicken or both), Szechuan noodles (spicy noodles, stir- fried with greens or chicken or both having a distinct Indo-Chinese flavour), Dandan (noodle dish cooked in spicy sauce with preserved vegetables such as mustard stems). American Chopsuey is another delicious variety of noodles, which are deep-fried and made crispy and topped with stir-fried vegetables with thick sweet and sour sauce.


A very popular food preparation originating from Japan is made with vinegar marinated raw or cooked fish. Sometimes egg or vegetables are also used in place of fish.  Sushi comes in a cone or cylindrical shape with all the ingredients wrapped inside. It is normally served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi. Raw fish, such as tuna is used in Sushi so it makes the dish all the more delicious and healthy.

Thai Red/Green/Yellow curry with rice:
Originating from Thailand, it is one of the most popular Thai dish, especially in India. Thai curries are coconut milk-based preparations with aromatic herbs and spicy powders. The Thai green curry is thicker and less spicy. Green colour is obtained from a paste of fresh green chilies and herbs, and red, as the colour suggests, is made from dried long red chilies combines with other herbs. Hence red curry is spicier. The yellow curry has the sweet-spicy paste based on turmeric and curry powder. These curries are mixed with coconut milk and then cooked with either steamed vegetables, chicken or fish. Steamed rice is an accompaniment with Thai curries. People usually combine Thai curries with Tom Kha soup that is a mild coconut soup.

Khow Suey: 
A Myanmar (Burma)-originated dish, very popular across the globe for its taste and authentic aroma. It is a one pot soup based meal made in coconut milk containing noodles along with vegetables or chicken and garnished with peanuts and fried garlic. The dish is delicately spiced to suite the general palate and is a wholesome meal.


A Chinese originated snack food can be cooked in meat, chicken or vegetable fillings. Locally known as momos, these deep fried or steamed dumplings are tasty as well as nutritious. The vegetarian version has soya, cabbage, carrots, and other fillings, and the non-vegetarian version has fish, chicken or meat as the fillings. They are usually eaten with spicy chilly sauce or soy sauce.


How can the Asian cuisine be complete without the mention of soups? Asian soups are prepared based on broths and stock, and don’t have any milk or cream. Noodles are served in the soup bowl. Some of the commonly consumed soups are the Wonton soup popular in Thailand. It contains minced meat balls cooked in water or chicken stock. Hot and sour soup is a Chinese vinegar based soup cooked with vegetables or chicken. Sweet corn is another popular soup which is made of thick starch based corn soup.
The list of East & South East Asian cuisine is extensive and we covered just a few. Do let us know your favorites too.

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