Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Reliance Jio Vivo offer: Get 168 GB of free data this IPL season!

Reliance Jio has launched a new offer for cricket lovers in the country. Though this new offer is more of a lucky draw, users can still avail around 168 GB of free data by following a few steps. The new offer is called Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer.
As the name suggests, this new offer is in collaboration with Vivo. One of the biggest pre-requisite for this offer is to either own a Vivo device or you'll have purchase a new one.
The offer will be ideal for IPL fans who are closely following the teams. The Jio user will have to chose an IPL team that she/he thinks will win the tournament. To chose their respective teams, users will have to send a text message to the number '59009' with the team's name.
As the team progesses in the tournament, users will get free data accordingly. If the team you chose wins a match, you get 3GB of data. In case your team loses, you'll get 1GB of data. And if the match is tied, then you will get 2GB of data. No matter what the outcome you will receive certain amount of data.
If the team you chose reaches the qualifiers, your data will be doubled. This means if your team wins in the qualifiers, you'll get 6GB of free data, so on and so forth. If the team you chose manages to reach the final match then you'll get triple the amount of data. Finally, if your teams wins the final match Reliance Jio will quadriple the amount of free data.
By the end of the tournament, if your team wins every match, you'll end up celebrating with 168GB of data.

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