Wednesday, 19 April 2017

'Unsend' message feature, new shortcuts in test on WhatsApp!

We have all been through that situation when we wanted to unsend or revoke a message sent online. But, up till now such blunders could not be undone. Well, this may soon change as WhatsApp is testing a feature on similar lines.
WhatsApp reportedly is testing a new feature which will allow users to “unsend” messages that they have sent to any of their contacts within a maximum time frame of five minutes. While there is no official confirmation, reports suggest that the new WhatsApp “message unsend” feature is being tested in a new beta version of WhatsApp Web.
The feature was found by WhatsApp beta tracker @WABetaInfo.
WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077: many improvements for the revoke feature & you'll be able to unsend messages sent within 5 minutes (DISABLED NOW).
Once those five minutes are up, the message will stay there only. However, this is not the only feature spotted by WABetaInfo. Apparently, the company is also testing font shortcuts for formatting text using bold, italics, and strikethrough commands. If the reports are accurate, it will save users a lot of efforts. Currently, users need to input signs between the text to format the words. For example, two asterisks i.e *this* to make the content bold or underscore ( _ ) for italics and tildes (~) for strikethrough.
If the feedback from the tests comes positive, WhatsApp could roll the features out to all users in future updates.

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