Monday, 26 October 2015

Railway worker's son-Spain's self-made mogul Amancio Ortega-becomes the world's richest!

The richest man on earth, Bill Gates, relinquished the coveted position briefly to pave way for a Spanish fashion retailer who avoids press meetings.

According to Forbes' real-time tracker, Spain's self-made mogul Amancio Ortega, who transformed apparel group Inditex from a small family dressmaker into a mammoth, whisked past Bill Gates to become the wealthiest person on the planet, with a fortune of $79.8 billion.

With their personal fortunes linked to the stock price fluctuation, Ortega's wealth touched $80 billion on Friday morning last week making him the most richest. 

This was possible as Ortega's holding company Industria de DiseƱo Textil (Inditex) reached an all-time high of 33.99 euros per share Friday morning.

However, Gates got back his title during the same day led by 10% gains in Microsoft stock.

The two billionaires are set to swap the coveted tag in the coming days on the Forbes real-time global rich list drawn by the movement of their company's stocks.

In this real-time battle, the fortunes of 79-year-old son of a Spanish railway worker are blossoming as Inditex shares have shot up nearly 40% this year. In the last 10 years, the market value of Inditex has risen by about 570%, helping Ortega climb the ranking ladder, said Business Insider.

He holds a 59.3% share in what is now the world's biggest fashion retailer Zara, ahead of Gap and Hennes & Mauritz.

Ortega's biographer described his memories of a childhood during which his family could not always afford enough food. He left school in his early teens, working his way up from the absolute bottom rung as a messenger boy in a shop, reported Business Insider India.

He is known for selecting designs based on feedback from shop assistants who count on shoppers' reactions.

"If he speaks to a shop assistant and he likes what they had to say, he will pay more attention to that than to any of his managers," a former Inditex director told Reuters.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Get to the pulse of your pulses!

Pulses are the main source of protein in vegetarian diets. Even those who are supposed to be non-vegetarians, should include pulses in their meals, especially if they are not consuming a non-vegetarian dish with every meal.

Pulses are mainly seeds of a plant and therefore their protein content is high. Even cereals are seeds, but their carbohydrate count is higher and the protein content is lower than that of pulses. The protein quality of cereals is better than that of pulses, while the protein quantity of pulses is higher. A combination of cereal and pulse improves the total protein quality as the amino acid content of both complement each other. If you notice, many of our Indian menus are well balanced, e.g., dhal and rice, dhal and roti, etc. Some dishes are also in good proportion of cereal and pulse, like idli, dosa, adai, pongal and kitchdi.

Some pulses can be consumed in the raw state, like Bengal gram, green gram, red gram, peas and cow pea. But generally they are dried and sold as whole gram or broken and sold as dhals. Whole grams have a higher fibre content due to the outer covering while dhals have this covering removed and hence lose part of the fibre.

Pulses provide B-complex vitamins. They are not too high in mineral content though they can be a reasonable source of iron. They lack vitamins A and C. Sprouts develop vitamin C and can be considered a good source, especially during the first few days of sprouting.

Considering their digestion value, dhals are easier to digest, than whole grams. The easiest to digest is green gram dhal, followed by black gram dhal, toor dhal, Bengal gram dhal and finally the whole grams. Flatulence is also a problem with pulse consumption and increases in the same order as given above for digestion. It is believed that the use of ginger and garlic in these preparations will improve digestion and lower flatulence.

The variety of dishes that can be made from pulses is endless. Starting from roasted pulses, roasted dhal powders like idli podi and parupu podi; the thohayils and pachadis are hot favourites, literally. The plain dhal and pulse sundals, the raw, soaked dhal kosambris, the sambars, the masala dhals, the snacks like adai, pesarattu, chakli, muruku and ompodi are just a few of the common dishes which are popular. They are also used in kheers and halwas. Mysore Pak is an all time favourite. Among soups, pea soup and lentil soup are well known. Salads with sprouted pulses are gaining a prominent place in the present day menu.

Food Protein, g Fat ,g Fibre, g Carbs, g Energy, cals Calcium, mg Iron, mg
Bengal gram,whole 17.1 5.3 3.9 60.9 360 202 4.6
Bengal gram dhal 20.8 5.6 1.2 59.8 372 56 5.3
Bengal gram,roasted 22.5 5.2 1.0 58.1 369 58 9.5
Black gram dhal 24 1.4 0.9 59.6 347 154 3.8
Cow pea, karamani 24.1 1.0 3.8 5l.5 323 77 8.6
Field bean, mochai 24.9 0.8 1.4 60.1 347 60 2.7
Green gram whole 24.0 1.3 4.1 56.7 334 124 4.4
Green gram dhal 24.5 1.2 0.8 59.9 348 75 3.9
Horse gram, kollu 22.0 0.5 5.3 57.2 321 287 6.7
Lentil, masoor dhal 25.1 0.7 0.7 59.0 343 69 7.58
Moth beans, matki 23.6 1.1 4.5 56.5 330 202 9.5
Peas, green 7.2 0.1 4.0 15.9 93 20 1.5
Peas, dry 19.7 1.1 4.5 56.5 315 75 7.05
Peas,roasted 22.9 1.4 4.4 58.8 340 81 6.4
Rajmah 22.9 1.3 4.8 60.6 346 260 5.1
Red gram dhal 22.3 1.7 1.5 57.6 335 73 2.7
Red gram dhal,tender 9.8 1.0 6.2 16.9 116 57 1.1
Soya bean 43.2 19.5 3.7 20.9 432 240 10.4

From the above table you can see that the protein value of most pulses is ranging from 19g to 25g per 100g of the food.

The only exception is soya bean as it has a high protein, high fat, high fibre, high energy, high iron and low carbohydrate content. The fat quality of pulses is of a high standard, providing essential fatty acids. The minimum requirement of dhals and pulses per meal can be 25g (raw weight).

Pulses have a major role in the Indian menu and must be taken seriously by vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

They are a must as the primary protein source in the diets of infants, adolescents, adults, pregnant and lactating women, as well as seniors.

So, do feel the pulse of your pulses.

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Iran announces implementation of nuclear deal!

Tehran: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and European Union (EU) foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini issued a joint statement, announcing the start of the implementation of the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the six world powers in July, according to Iran's foreign ministry website.

Now, Iran will start implementing its obligations pertaining to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and the UN nuclear watchdog will prepare the means to monitor Iran's measures, Xinhua reported, citing the statement issued on Sunday.

According to the nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers reached on July 14 in the Austrian capital of Vienna, Iran would improve the transparency of its nuclear plan, downsize its capacity for uranium enrichment and do changes in the structure of its heavy water reactor in exchange for international and Western sanctions relief.

Based on the agreement, the nuclear deal should have gone into effect on October 18, or the so-called the Adoption Day, 90 days for the UN Security Council endorsed the Iranian deal.

Also on Sunday, Iran notified Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), that it will provisionally apply the Additional Protocol to its Safeguards Agreement when the nuclear deal comes into effect, the IAEA announced in a statement.

In Washington, US President Barack Obama on Sunday ordered his administration to take steps to lift sanctions on Iran, as part of the nuclear agreement.

"I hereby direct you to take all necessary steps to give effect to the US commitments with respect to sanctions" on Iran, Obama said in a memorandum to US secretaries of state, energy, commerce and the treasury.

The steps will take effect upon confirmation by the secretary of state that Iran has met its commitments under the JCPOA, Obama said in the memorandum issued by the White House.

But the sanction on Iran will not be lifted immediately on the Adoption Day, and the US said that no relief from the sanctions will take place until the IAEA verifies that Iran has fully complied with the terms of the agreement.

On July 14, Iran reached the JCPOA with P5+1 over its controversial nuclear programme after more than 18 months of marathon talks.

Under the deal, all of the nuclear-related sanctions imposed on Iran will be lifted if the Islamic republic is proved to abide by the deal over the next 10 years step-by-step.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tips to stay fit during the festive season!

Celebrations call for never-ending sweets and if you want to watch your weight, it becomes difficult. Eat small portions and stay hydrated to avoid weight gain.

Rupali ‘Sim’ Vaid, founder of Be Fitastic Fitness centre, shares how to stay toned:

* Check your total calorie intake. Take a step back when you get closer to your maximum calorie intake value.

* Keep your hydration levels up. Low levels of hydration may encourage you to drink more of sweetened drinks when offered.

* Eat small portions as completely declining sweets or fried food can be difficult. Simply taste the sweets rather than eating to your heart’s content.

* Keep a well thought out short and intense home workout handy for days you don’t get enough physical activity or miss your gym schedule. Include movements such as push-ups, leg lifts, crunches and jumps.

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Sesame Paneer Toasties!

Category: Kid friendly
Course: Snack
Cuisine: Indian
Technique: Shallow Fry
Difficulty: Medium
Servings: Serves 2


  • 100 g. Paneer
  • 2 tbsp - plain flour
  • 2 tbsp - semolina (sooji)
  • 1 small tomato, deseeded and chopped
  • 2 green chillies, deseeded and chopped
  • 1/2 tsp - black
  • pepper powder
  • 1 tsp -mustard seeds
  • Sesame seeds for coating
  • 4 bread slices
  • 1 tsp - oil
  • salt to taste
  • oil for shallow frying.


  • Heat 1 tsp of oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds. When they crackle, remove from heat.
  • Add to it the paneer, flour and semolina. Mash well.
  • Add all the other ingredients except the sesame seeds and the oil for shallow frying. Mix well.
  • Cut the bread slices diagonally. Spread the mixture on the bread and sprinkle the sesame seeds on the top.
  • Add 1 tsp. oil in a non-stick pan and place two pieces of bread with the topping side down.
  • Cook till crisp and golden. Now flip over to the other side, adding 1 tsp. of oil as you do so and cook till this side is crisp as well.
  • Repeat for the rest of the bread slices.
  • Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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Friday, 16 October 2015

10 tips to maintain weight loss!

You’ve worked hard to shed those extra kilos – sweating it out at the gym, denying yourself cheese and chocolates – but, it’s not over yet.

Most people once they have achieved their target weight fall back into old habits and pile on the kilos within months after losing them. This yo-yo approach to weight loss has its own drawbacks, for one it increases the risk of having a heart attack and secondly, it leads to loose and baggy skin. So, follow the ideas enumerated below to keep those kilos off for good!

Top 10 tips to maintain weight loss
  1. Count your calories: It’s always a good idea to keep a food diary and record what, when and how much you eat. That way you can go back and learn from your mistakes. Don’t eat lots of high calorie food in one day, balance your meals. For example, if you’re going out for a big lunch, eat low calorie yet filling foods for breakfast and have a light dinner with the focus on soup and salad.
  2. Try yoga: If you are tired of your regular exercise that you followed while on the weight loss plan, do something different to up your metabolic rate. Try joining a yoga class in the morning or even spinning or pilates. Do whatever interests you so that you won’t shy away from it.
  3. Ditch those bad habits: Eating fried snacks or salted cashews at night, popping chocolates at any given hour, mindless munching while in front of the television will all reverse your hard work if done habitually. Stay away from the cookie jar and ask your spouse or family member to remind you of your goals if you head for some high calorie comfort food. Better still don’t keep it in the house.
  4. Sip water: Whenever the urge to snack arises, sip a glass of water instead. We frequently confuse thirst with hunger. Also if you drink up before your dinner, you are more likely to eat less.
  5. Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind: Most of us tend to binge when we’re upset with something or have had a tiff with our spouse. Make it a point to not eat when upset as you will definitely eat more than you intended.
  6. Treat yourself occasionally: As a rule eat as much healthy food as you can, so that you can indulge yourself when you really have that craving for a chocolate cake. Follow the 80/20rule. If you’re eating healthy about 80 percent of the time, you can ease up for about 20 percent of the remaining time.
  7. Learn to tell portion size: When eating out, notice how big or small the portions are at a restaurant. Avoid going to places that serve large portions, frequent those serving medium sized ones to keep in good shape.
  8. Watch the scale weekly: Keeping track of your weight about once a week gives you a clue to whether you’ve lost or gained weight before it goes out of control. If you have gained, you will likely make up by modifying your diet and cutting back on calories.
  9. Visit your doctor: If you’re doing everything possible to maintain your figure but aren’t happy with the results (remember to be patient) you may have a medical problem like hypothyroidism that is very common among women. Or you may be taking medicines that cause water retention or otherwise interfere with your weight.
  10. Eat five small meals instead of three large ones: You may have heard this one before but it is so  important that we reiterate – eating every three to four hours prevents you from getting extremely hungry and then binging; it also maintains your blood sugar at a steady level so you don’t get hunger attacks!
So go ahead, tweak your habits and maintaining your optimum weight will be a piece of cake!

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SRK receives honorary doctorate from University of Edinburgh!

Shahrukh Khan has received an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh. Mr Khan received the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the University Chancellor HRH The Princess Royal in Edinburgh.

The actor who has appeared in more than 80 films was presented with the degree in recognition of his outstanding record of philanthropy, altruism and humanitarianism and his global reach as an actor.

After receiving his honorary degree, Mr. Khan who has more than 15 million Twitter followers gave a public lecture, which was attended by many of the University's 400 South Asian students, along with South Asian community groups.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

People wait with open swords, want you to make mistakes: Dhoni!

Indore: After leading his side from the front to victory against South Africa in the second One-Day International (ODI), India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Wednesday slammed his critics saying that people wait with open swords wanting him to make mistakes. 

India defeated the visitors by 22 runs to level the five-match ODI series 1-1 at the Holkar Cricket Stadium here on Wednesday. Dhoni's defiant 92 not out and Ajinkya Rahane's 51 took India to 247/9 in 50 overs. During the chase, South Africa kept losing wickets regularly and were bowled out for 225 in 43.4 overs.

"Not an easy game played, a lot of people wait with open swords and want you to make mistakes. We should have got more with the bats and we didn't start well with our bowling, but our spinners did well and pacers also came into action later on," Dhoni, who was awarded the man-of-the-match for his knock, said at the post-match presentation ceremony here.

For India, medium pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar and left-arm spinner Axar Patel took three wickets each, while off-spinner Harbhajan Singh claimed two wickets.

"Axar is not a big turner of the ball and he pitched it in the right areas. Bhajji has the experience and they didn't try too many different things and flighting or under-flighting the ball was needed and overall they did a good job," he said.

The skipper believes the team has the capability to perform even better.

"Overall not a very convincing win but good win, we can play a lot better. We're not playing to our capacity, not even 80 percent, in batting or bowling. As a batting unit, we didn't perform well but we bounced back well. We knew we needed two good deliveries when Imran Tahir and Kagiso Rabada were batting," he said.

"I won't say the game was in our hands but we had a good chance if we bowled in the right areas and needed only two good deliveries," the 34-year-old said.

Speaking about his batting and the inconsistent top order, Dhoni defended his players by saying, "It doesn't always go your way (talking about his batting), the top order has been scoring loads of runs in the last two and a half years so lower order doesn't get a big chance to bat."

"Apart from Suresh Raina there's nobody who loves to do that kind of a job when you go out and you just have to go for the big hits. The pace was very important on this wicket and the length too," he said.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Soft drinks major Pepsi to launch smartphone on Oct 20!

Global soft drinks major PepsiCo will soon become the first among the food makers to have a smartphone brand under its belt.

PepsiCo Monday said it was launching 'a line of mobile phones and accessories to market in China in the next few months'.

The New York-headquartered multi-billion dollar company is expected to unveil its first smartphone as early as next week, on October 20.

"We are pleased to share that Pepsi is working with a licensing partner to bring a line of mobile phones and accessories to market in China in the next few months," a PepsiCo spokesperson said to mediapersons.  

Leaked specs on the social media suggest Pepsi's budget Android handset P1 boasting a 5.5-inch screen, fingerprint scanner and a 13-megapixel camera.

According to a report from Mobipicker, the handset would run on Android 5.1 Lollipop and have a 5.5-inch, 1080p screen. 

It is being widely rumoured the device would have a 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of Ram, 16GB of internal storage and a 3,000 mAh battery.

Chinese news sites Sina and Weibo reported Pepsi's devices would be priced $206 and would be available for commercial sale two months after their launch.

Globally, soft drinks sales have been on a lower trajectory led by consumers changing consumption patterns towards low-sugar based food products.

Under pressure, soft drinks producers, including PepsiCo are diversifying their product portfolio to minimise the the impact on sales.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Why obese people tend to overeat!

Triggers such as the smell of popcorn at a movie theater or a commercial for a snack may have a stronger pull for obese people due to differences in brain chemistry, says a study.

Obese people tend to have greater dopamine activity in the habit forming region of the brain than their lean counterparts and lesser dopamine activity in the region controlling rewards, the findings showed.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.

These differences could potentially make the obese people more drawn to overeat in response to food triggers and simultaneously make food less rewarding to them.

“Eating based on unconscious habits rather than conscious choices could make it harder to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, especially when appetizing food cues are practically everywhere,” said lead author Kevin Hall from the National Institutes of Health in the US.

The study involved 43 men and women with varying amounts of body fat.

Study participants followed the same eating, sleeping and activity schedule. Tendency to overeat in response to triggers in the environment was determined from a detailed questionnaire.

Positron emission tomography (PET) scans evaluated the sites in the brain where dopamine was able to act.

The study appeared in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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Russian GP: Hamilton close towards championship; Podium finish for Force India!

Mexican Sergio Perez helped Force India clinch their first third place finish of the season in Formula One at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday. 

This was Force India’s third time on the podium. Giancarlo Fisichella and Perez had earlier finished in the first three places in 2009 and 2014, respectively.

At the race on Sunday it was a very close affair. The Mexican looked like getting to the podium and at one stage was cruising to it.  

However, what made it interesting was Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas overtook him before the last lap. Perez tried hard coming back but just as it looked to slip out of his hands, Raikkonen slammed his Ferrari at the tail end of Bottas car.

Both drivers lost control and it paved the way once again for Perez to move ahead and finish behind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.  

'It feels great to be back on the podium and to be able to celebrate with my team. I have been enjoying my time with the team so much and this is a great reward for all the work we have put in together. The call to pit under the safety car turned out to be very good because it gave us track position ahead of all the battles.'

'With one lap to go, when Valtteri (Bottas) and Kimi (Raikkonen) passed me, it felt like this result had been taken from us: I was obviously disappointed but I also knew I had given all I could during the race.'

'​There was no more I could do because I had been on the same tyres for more than 40 laps. When I finally managed to get back into third it was just an amazing feeling. I am happy I was able to share this second podium with my team. It's a very special result and one that fills me with expectation ahead of the races in Austin and especially Mexico City,' Perez said.

Force India, with 15 points now from the race, have consolidated their fifth spot on the constructors championship.  

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton won the race, while Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel took the second spot. With this victory, Hamilton took a huge step toward retaining his Formula One title as his main rival Nico Rosberg failed to finish. 

Hamilton can now win his third career title at the next race in Texas, while his Mercedes team retained the constructors' title after a season in which the silver cars have dominated almost every race.

Hamilton cruised to victory by 5.9 seconds over Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, with Sergio Perez third for Force India, 23 seconds further behind.  

Hamilton's 42nd career win took him past his boyhood hero Ayrton Senna on the all-time list, and the defending champion said he had taken the time to enjoy his drive to victory. ​

'I was really taking it in, just looking at the car,' Hamilton said. 'I don't know how many times I'll be in that position again, so really cherishing the moment and feeling really blessed. I love driving this car and I love where we are at the moment.' 

It was Hamilton's ninth victory of the season and the 12th for Mercedes. With four races to go, Hamilton leads Vettel by 66 points and Rosberg by 73. 

For the second year running, Hamilton received his winner's trophy from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who also greeted the top three drivers ahead of the podium ceremony.

Vettel was forced into a prolonged battle with his Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen early on, eventually passing the Finn in a tight move up the inside. 'I think we both enjoyed it. Obviously, I came out in front, so I enjoyed it a little bit more than him,' Vettel said. 'He was giving me just enough room to survive, so it was a good battle.' Mercedes' second straight constructors' title was only decided after the race when the stewards penalized Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen for crashing into Valtteri Bottas' Williams on the last lap.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Top 10 tips to fight fatigue!

When your energy levels are low, everything you do becomes a big task. Read on for practical tips to fight fatigue.

If you struggle to make it through the day, avoid a social gathering due to the effort it involves or just feel plain tired day after day; it’s time to step back and rethink what’s bringing you down. Eliminate the things that sap your energy and bring in changes that give your energy levels a boost.

Top 10 tips to fight fatigue

Get some exercise: When you find your energy levels dropping, you could either reach for a chocolate bar or take a ten-minute walk. Opt for the walk, research shows it elevates your mood and energy levels for longer while a sugar boost will increase your energy initially but cause a drop a while later.
  1. Eat a good breakfast: When we wake up, our body needs nourishment as it has been in fasting mode during the night. It is best to eat a high fibre breakfast full of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Include nuts like almonds, walnuts, dates and raisins. Also, try to include a fruit or a fruit milkshake and switch to whole wheat or multi-grain bread.
  2. Cut the caffeine: Research has indicated that caffeine can be an energy sapper when taken in excess. Gradually eliminate caffeine from your diet by avoiding coffee and colas and watch your energy levels increase. You can switch to green tea instead of coffee.
  3. Watch out for stress: No matter how healthy your lifestyle, if you’re stressed at work or in other areas of your life, you can be sure of your energy dropping. That’s because of the various effects that stress has on your mind and body which in turn leads to fatigue.
  4. Get enough sleep: You have to figure out for yourself how much sleep you need on a daily basis, as it varies from one person to the other. But as a rule, get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, take a short nap in the afternoon if your schedule permits and reduce bedtime television watching to enable you to sleep better.
  5. Limit drinking: Although everyone says that a few drinks help you sleep better, the fact is that alcohol depresses the nervous system and interferes with sleep leading to poor quality of the sleep. So if you compare notes on the next day after sleeping for the same amount of time, you will feel more refreshed if you haven’t consumed alcohol the previous evening.
  6. Shed those kilos: If you are overweight or obese, remember that lugging around all that extra baggage puts a strain on your heart and joints. You will have less stamina and less physical energy to do everything you need to during the day. So set a goal and put on those running shoes to shed the flab – fast.
  7. Break away from the routine: If you are a stickler for routine and find yourself doing the same things in the same order day after day for years together, take a vacation. Being in a different place and at ease can give you a better perspective on things. Make resolutions and tackle them one at a time for best results.
  8. Open your energy channels: Meditation, positive thinking and enjoying what you do are great personal motivators. Choose whatever works best for you and make it part of your routine. Surround yourself with positive people, sometimes even having negative people around is enough to drain your energy or even bring on a headache.
  9. Stock up on water: About seventy percent of our body is made up of water and we need to keep replenishing the supply. So keep a bottle of water handy with you and take a sip whenever you get a chance. Mild dehydration is one of the most common causes of fatigue.

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Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis win 8th trophy of season!

Beijing: Top women's doubles pair of Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis won their eighth title of the season as a team, with a 6-7 (9), 6-1, 10-8 victory over Chinese Taipean pair of Hao-Ching Chan and Yung-Jan Chan in the China Open final here on Saturday.

The Indo-Swiss pair, the topmost team in the doubles circuit this year, needed 1 hour 41 minutes to claim the summit clash in the $4.7 million prize money tournament.

They broke the first service game of their opponent's to take an early 2-0 lead at the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Center.

But their opponents immediately broke back to be on level terms 2-2. From there on the two team's keenly contested and held on to their serves.

The evenness extended to a tie-breaker where Sania-Martina blinked first at 9-11 to surrender the first set.
Sania-Martina upped their intensity to race to a 4-1 lead in the second set and claimed it 6-1 to force the match into the third set tie-breaker.

The tie-breaker was also closely fought with both teams matching each other stroke for stroke.

But ultimately the Indo-Swiss duo held their nerve to claim the title at 10-8. They won 82 of the total 145 points played, a 56 percent winning rate.

The leading women's tennis doubles pair entered the final, thumping the Chinese duo of Chen Liang and Yafan Wang 6-2, 6-3 in a one-sided clash on Friday.

Sania and Martina are the reigning Wimbledon and US Open champions. They tagged together as a team in March and won Women's Tennis Association (WTA) titles in Indian Wells, Miami, Charlestion, Guangzhou and more recently Wuhan.

Sania reached the final of this event for the fourth time in a row. It was her second title here, after winning in 2013 with Zimbabwean Cara Black.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

10 steps to beat alcohol blues!

Scientists have suggested a simple ten step approach to help you keep an eye on your alcohol intake so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your love for drinking.

Jurgen Rehm from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada, and David Nutt, Neuropsychopharmacologist from Imperial College London, have created an integrated set of evidence-based strategies focusing on what individuals and governments can do to reduce the personal and public costs of alcohol.

The first four points focus on personal health behaviour. Nutt and Rehm suggest that the first step is monitoring alcohol intake by knowing your numbers in much the same way you would know your BP or calorie intake.

Limiting consumption of alcohol to 20 grams per day for men and 15 grams per day for women is the next step.

The third step is to realise that as with lower BP and cholesterol, lower amounts of alcohol consumption lead to greater health and longevity.

Next, not drinking for one or two days a week can help the liver recover from the effects of alcohol and reduce the risk of liver complications.

The next six points focus on government intervention – like minimum pricing of alcohol would reduce consumption of cheap alcohol, especially in young people, and labeling the amount of alcohol grams would allow consumers to track the exact amount of alcohol they are consuming.

Limiting the times and places alcohol can be purchased will make impulse buying, particularly when drunk, much harder and make it easier for people with alcohol-use problems to avoid contact with alcohol in shops and supermarkets is another step.

While the eighth step is providing treatment for all people with an alcohol dependence problem, the ninth step is investing in research to develop new approaches to addiction.

Developing alternatives to alcohol by investigating the possibility of new drugs that mimic the milder effects of alcohol is the last step.

The study is published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

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Mango Cheesecake!

  • Category : Family friendly
  • Course : Dessert
  • Cuisine : American
  • Technique : Bake
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Servings : Serves 8



    • For crust:
    • 2 packs - Digestive biscuits (1.5 cups when crushed)
    • 1/3 cup - Butter (melted)
    • For filling:
    • 1 cup - Powdered Sugar (Add more if your Mango is not sweet)
    • 3 cups - Thick full Cream yogurt
    • 2 cups - Paneer / Cottage cheese cubes-
    • 1.75 cups - water - | 10 gm - Chinagrass or agar agar
    • 2 - mangoes pureed
    • For the Mango glaze:
    • 1/2 cup - Mango puree
    • 2 tbsp - Water
    • 2 tbsp - Sugar
    • 1 tsp - Lime juice


    • Powder the biscuits in a mixie into a coarse powder.
    • Pour the melted butter on the powdered biscuits and mix with your hands or run it again the mixie for few seconds.
    • You need to fill the pan's base with the biscuit crumbs.
    • Press it firmly to the base using a glass and chill this in the freezer for 15 mins.
    • Hang the curd in a thin cloth to remove all the water content from it. Leave it for a couple of hours to get thick hung curd.
    • Chop the paneer into small cubes. Grind the hung curd and paneer together to make a smooth puree.
    • Peel, chop and puree two mangoes.
    • Take the mango puree in a pan and heat it over low flame. Dont boil it.
    • Meanwhile chop the china grass sheet into small pieces.
    • Soak it in 1.75 cups of water for 10 minutes and the heat it until they melt completely.
    • Now gently combine the heated mango puree, china grass solution and sugar to the hung curd paneer mixture and beat to get a even creamy textured filling.
    • Remove the mould from the freezer and pour in the filling and allow it to set in the fridge for 3 hours.
    • Place the mango puree, water, sugar and lime juice in a sauce pan and heat it on medium flame until it becomes slightly thick.
    • Once the glaze comes to room temperature, apply it on the cheese cake layer and set it again in the fridge for an hour. Decorate as per your choice and enjoy eating.

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    Friday, 9 October 2015

    Google romancing with the alphabets!

    It seems like Google is in deep romance with the alphabet.

    To reflect its new identity under the holding company Alphabet, Google Inc has got into serious business of owning everything that comes near to the English alphabet.

    The internet search giant has acquired the domain name, just a few days after it officially became a subsidiary of Alphabet.

    The domain was created in 1999 and was updated on October 7 when Google took control of it for an undisclosed amount.  

    According to query and response protocol leader WHOIS (pronounced who is), Google owns 18,095 other domains.

    It even owns some of its misspelt forms like and

    However, Google's mission alphabet remains incomplete as of now. German luxury auto maker BMW already owns, and doesn’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.

    Great news for music lovers!

    Beauty benefits of green tea!

    From achieving a spot-free look to getting smooth tresses — using green tea in your daily life can help you become healthy and beautiful.

    Karpagam, national skin trainer at Naturals hair and beauty salon, has shared a few wonders of green tea, read a statement:

    * No-spot look: We all have faced the problem of acne at some point in our life. Some healed while a few left their mark behind. Use of umpteen creams, pills and face products unfortunately failed to make the marks fade away. With no further delay, grab a few bags of green tea and brew it in hot water, strain the water and leave it aside to cool. Now instead of cleansing your face with water each time, use this skin friendly solution. Do not wipe.

    Following this regime regularly will gradually aid in removing the marks and preventing acne and sudden outbreaks as well. In addition you can follow this routine with the application of a moisturizer; to reap the best benefits apply homemade green tea face moisturizer.

    * Sparkling eyes: Eye puffiness and dark circles are also very common these days. A simple solution to protect the eyes from all these troubles is a green tea compress treatment.

    Instead of throwing the tea bags into the trash bin, refrigerate them and use them as a compress over the eyes for a minimum of 20 minutes or more. The anti-oxidant content of green tea leaves cleanses the eyes and relieves all the tension around the nerves.

    * Tame your tresses: Hair detoxifying treatment is the latest fad to catch up among people.

    Though using hair products with green tea as a key ingredient is beneficial but nothing is more rewarding than a home green tea treatment. After washing the hair with shampoo instead of hair conditioner, apply water extract of green tea for conditioning. A great stimulant for hair follicles, green tea promotes growth and nourishes the hair.

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    Thursday, 8 October 2015

    Watch: Brett Lee launches his movie career with unINDIAN!

    Sydney: Former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee's first movie as an actor, a Bollywood-themed romantic comedy unINDIAN, has held its first premiere in his country.

    The romantic comedy was produced here by the Australia India Film Fund and casts Lee as a teacher who introduces migrant students to the basics of language and Australian culture.

    The film was launched here on Wednesday in Lee’s home city and the cricketer-turned-actor reflected on his career change. The film will be released around Australia next Thursday, October 15. 

    "The part I thought would be easy and the part I thought would be hard were completely reversed," the 38-year-old was quoted as saying by on Thursday.

    "I thought the hardest part before I started filming was to do the dialogue. There's about 119 scenes, which is pages and pages of dialogue."

    "To try and memorize that, I thought I had absolutely no chance of doing that. I thought the acting part would be easier. But when I looked back after completing the movie, the dialogue came easier.”

    "When you've read it so many times and you're in the moment, you know the scenes back to front," he added.

    Lee's love interest in the $4.5 million movie is Indian actress Tannishtha Chatterjee.

    The former fast bowler, well known for his love of Indian culture, said that it all began more than 20 years ago on his first tour to India.

    "Well it goes back to 1994 when I first went to India. I was 17, got sick, hated bowling on the wickets, but I got home after two months and thought, I really loved that trip. There was something about India that struck this beautiful chord within me," he said.

    "Over the years the love grew for India, from the culture to the people. Fast forward a few years, and I got a couple of Bollywood offers, but I wasn't ready. I was still playing cricket."

    "Then this Australian movie came across the desk. I had a look at it and loved the script, loved what it stood for, and I thought, this would be a good chance to do my first movie. So why not?," he concluded.

    Watch the trailer

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    Easy and healthy food substitutes!

    Simple replacements for what you eat can give you improved health and well-being. Choose biscuits made of whole-wheat flour instead of refined flour.

    You don’t have to deprive yourself of all things tasty, if you’re battling cholesterol, diabetes, weight or blood pressure – to name a few. Simple, everyday replacements for what you’re eating can significantly impact your health and wellbeing. These healthy food substitutes will allow you to still get all the flavour and satisfaction you’re used to.

    Easy, healthy food substitutes:
    IN: Red rice
    OUT: White rice

    Red rice has far more nutritional benefits over white rice that most of us are used to eating. Dr Jyothi Prasad, practicing dietitian at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore says, “Red rice has more fibre in comparison to white rice, as white rice is stripped off its fibre and vitamins during the refining process.”  And red rice is a safer option for diabetics too.

    IN: White meat (chicken and fish)
    OUT: Red meat (mutton, beef, pork and organ meat like liver and heart)

    When it comes to non-vegetarian options, choose chicken and fish over mutton, beef or organ meat like liver. Chicken and fish (white meat) is far healthier than beef, mutton and pork (red meat).

    “White meat has less fat and cholesterol than red meat. It gives the same amount of protein with an added advantage of lesser fat.” Dr Prasad stresses that fish provide essential fatty acids, which are heart friendly, and also aid brain development in children.

    IN: Skimmed milk
    OUT: Whole milk

    Choose slim milk over whole milk. Here’s why! “Skimmed milk has less fat, which means it can help keep your weight under check. In the run long it is more heart friendly,” advises Dr Prasad. This is strictly not advisable in the case of growing children, unless there are concerns about obesity.

    IN: Fresh fruit juice
    OUT: Colas, energy drinks and fruit concentrates

    Give the colas and energy drinks a break, and reach out to fresh fruit juices. Colas, energy drinks and the various other concentrated juices available in the market, contain noting more than sugar and calories. Further, energy drinks, Dr Prasad warns, contains caffeine, which isn’t good either. Dr Prasad advises one to opt for fresh fruit juices instead, “they pack in vitamins, minerals and a little bit of fibre too.” Even packages juices, as long as they are free of sugar, are a better choice. So chuck those colas today!

    IN: Whole-wheat flour and multi-grain flour
    OUT: Refined flour or maida

    Refined flour, maida, only has carbs and no other nutrients, which means calories sans benefits. So pick whole-wheat flour instead. Whole-wheat flour packs in proteins, vitamins and fibre, which are all extremely beneficial. So choose cakes, bread, biscuits and rotis made of whole-wheat flour/ multi-grain flour, available aplenty in the market today.

    IN: Citrus juices, spices and herbs’ dressing
    OUT: Oil dressings

    Citrus juices, spices and herbs’ dressing is any day healthier than oil dressings, even if you’re using the heart-healthy oil, olive oil. “Spices, herbs and lime juice add zing to your salads without adding the extra calories that oily dressings do,” Dr Prasad says.

    IN: Herbs, citrus juices and spices
    OUT: Salt

    Cut your salt, and supplement it with herbs, citrus juices and spices. “Adding too much salt is detrimental to your health, it can put you at risk of blood pressure and more. So cut down your salt intake by adding herbs, citrus juices and spices to add to the taste,” suggests Dr Prasad.

    IN: Egg whites
    OUT: Whole eggs

    Egg whites are any day better than eating whole eggs: “Egg yolk is a rich source of cholesterol and must be completely eliminated if one has complaints of high cholesterol or has a family history of heart disease,” says Dr Prasad. However, in the case of children, whole eggs are more a better bet any day.

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    Wednesday, 7 October 2015

    Formula One could be sold this year: Ecclestone!

    Formula One could have new owners by the end of the year with three parties currently interested, the sport's commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone said on Tuesday.

    "Our shareholders at the moment are basically in such a position where they have to lose some of their shares, or all of them, shortly," the 84-year-old Briton told a Camp Beckenbauer Global Summit in Kitzbuehel, Austria, in a telephone interview.
    "That's the way things are set up for them," he added.

    "There has been a lot of interest and I would say there are three parties at the moment. I'd be surprised if one of them don't buy very shortly."

    Asked what sort of timeframe was likely, Ecclestone replied: "This year."

    Ecclestone did not name any of the interested parties.

    CVC Capital Partners are currently the controlling shareholders with a 35.5 percent stake, while Ecclestone holds 5.3 percent.

    U.S. investment groups BlackRock and Waddell & Reed, along with Norway's Norges Bank, are among other shareholders.

    Reports in June suggested that RSE Ventures, the investment vehicle of Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, was teaming up with Qatar Sports Investments to buy CVC's stake in a potential $7 billion-$8 billion deal.

    CVC's co-chairman Donald Mackenzie told Reuters in July, however, that the rights holders were under no pressure to sell.

    "We like owning it (Formula One), we don't want to sell it. There are always some people who'd like to buy it, it's a very good business," he said.

    CVC sold down its holding from 63 percent in 2012 in deals that at the time gave the business an enterprise value, which includes debt and equity, of $9.1 billion.

    Ecclestone told Reuters separately in July that "lots of people have made approaches" and indicated he too might be interested in a takeover or buyout.

    "Donald Mackenzie doesn't want to sell, simple as that," he said then. "He loves Formula One, loves the business. He may have to sell his shares.

    "Whether he will invest himself, maybe with me separately, we will have to wait and see."

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    Kashmiri Egg Curry!

  • Category : Non-Vegetarian
  • Course : Side dish
  • Cuisine : Indian
  • Technique : Stewed
  • Difficulty : Medium
  • Servings : Serves 4



    • 1 kg - Tomatoes, chopped medium size
    • 5- 6 - eggs
    • 1 tbsp - Mustard oil
    • 1 tsp - Cumin seeds, Salt, Turmeric, Garam Masala, Black Pepper each
    • 1.5 tsp - Red Chilli powder
    • 2-3 - Green Chillies, chopped small
    • 7-8 Garlic pods, crushed and minced


    • Hard boil the eggs with a pinch of salt in water.
    • Salt prevents eggs from cracking and make them easy to peel off.
    • Heat oil in a pan.
    • Add cumin seeds and splutter.
    • Add all tomatoes and green chillies.
    • Cook it covered on a medium flame for about 7-8 minutes.
    • By this time the eggs would get boiled properly.
    • Take them out, peel them and poke them with a fork several times.
    • Be careful not to break the egg, keep it aside.
    • Add garlic and spices to the tomato mixture.
    • Combine well and keep cooking it covered for another 4-5 minutes.
    • Now add eggs into the sauce and fold them well.
    • The sauce should go inside them.
    • Cook for another 12-15 minutes, folding the eggs 3-4 times in between.
    • Finally the sauce will be thick and rich and not runny.
    • Turn off the flame and keep the dish covered for 5 minutes before serving.
    • Eggs should absorb all the spices very well.
    • Garnish with black pepper and garam masala.

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    Tuesday, 6 October 2015

    Tendulkar, Warne to play T20 matches in US!

    In an effort to popularise cricket in the US, several icons including master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and spin wizard Shane Warne will play T20 matches in the US in November.

    More than two dozen of the world's most famous cricket players will play matches at three big-league baseball stadiums at Citi Field on November 7, Minute Maid Park in Houston on November 11, and Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium on November 14, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    "We want to leave an impression behind. That's what we are here for to entertain people, to leave great memories behind and get them excited about some quality cricket," Tendulkar was quoted as saying by the daily. 

    Among other players include Pakistan's Wasim Akram, West Indies' Brian Lara, South Africa's Jacques Kallis, England's Michael Vaughan and Sri Lanka's Mahela Jayawardene.

    Brian Bedol, a sports television executive and investor in the event, called the "Cricket All-Star Series," likened it to Pele's arrival in the US in the 1970s, or "if you had LeBron (James) and Michael Jordan doing a tour of Europe for the first time.

    "They're past their prime but for the old timers it'll be fun to watch them," Kumar Balakrishnan, an officer in the Staten Island Cricket Club was quoted as saying.

    The event has been organised by Leverage Agency, the sports and entertainment firm.

    "You're not sitting there for a day or two. It's going to be a fast-paced event with a lot of runs," said Ben Sturner its CEO.

    Three baseball stadiums are being converted into a cricket stadium for the purpose. With the help of a pitch specialist from New Zealand, the elements of the pitch are being crafted in Indianapolis and will be trucked to the stadiums, the report said. Warne said all these games would be highly competitive.

    "To make history in America playing these cricket games myself and Sachin walking out and tossing the coin in New York at Citi Field will be a pretty epic moment," he said.

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