Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Terrifying 33-ft giant anaconda discovered in Brazil!

Construction workers discovered a giant snake measuring 33-feet (10-metre) long at a construction site in Brazil. The giant anaconda, weighing 400 kg, was found after an explosion was carried out in the Cave of Altamira located in the Brazilian state of ParĂ¡.
A video, which was recorded by the construction worker, shows the snake's giant body that will remind you of the movie Anaconda, starring Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight. The snake's body measures one metre in diameter.
The workers chained the anaconda to a crane and later lifted it up to show onlookers its yellow spotted underbelly. However, it is unclear whether they killed the anaconda or not.
Meanwhile, the footage showing the chained snake received criticism on video sharing platform YouTube. Several users slammed the workers for killing the snake.
"Why on Gods Earth have these men killed this poor beautiful creature. This makes me furious! We just don't deserve to be on this planet," one user commented on YouTube.
"Oh, we've found a rare huge snake, possibly one of the last of this size in the wild. I know let's kill it and get some pics," another user commented.
"Of course they killed it, What are they supposed to do, just "hold on to it" for 3 days while someone Flys out to some Remote area in the Amazon to Tranq it? Bahaa....A snake that large is a Major threat, those guys working there lose animals and family members to snakes and Crocs every year....the ain't letting that thing get away. Many of those locations are extremely remote, phones dont work, takes DAYS to get out there....they have literally No Choice," a user commented in support of the workers.
At present, the longest snake mentioned in the Guinness World Record is Medusa, a snake in Kansas City, US, which measures 25 ft 2in long.

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