Friday, 23 September 2016

Main reasons behind more productivity from home!

When you have an important task to complete and the deadline is fast approaching, where do you go to get your best work done?

According to recent research by Flexjobs, which surveyed over 3,000 professionals, for more than 93 per cent of workers, the answer isn’t the office.

In fact, more than 65 per cent of respondents said they would be more productive at home.

Participants gave a variety of reasons ranging from fewer distractions to being more comfortable. And can you blame them? Doing anything in sweatpants is better. Find below the main reasons:

1. Reduced stress from commuting (67 per cent).

2. A reduction in office politics (68 per cent).

3. Less frequent meetings (69 per cent).

4. Fewer distractions (75 per cent) .

5. Fewer interruptions from colleagues (76 per cent).

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