Sunday, 9 July 2017

RED announces Hydrogen, “world’s first holographic media machine”!

RED, yes the camera manufacturer, known for its advanced cinematic cameras which have been used in shooting many movies and TV shows in Hollywood has set foot into an altogether new category of devices, smartphones! On Friday, RED announced the Hydrogen One dubbed as the “world’s first Holographic Media Machine”.

If that didn’t get your attention, the price almost certainly will. The RED Hydrogen One comes in two variants: Titanium and Aluminium for which enthusiasts will have to shell out $1,595 (approx. Rs.1,03,260) and $1,195 (approx. Rs.77,370) respectively.

RED boasts that its Holographic Media Machine will not require any kind of glasses to view content on the display. Speaking of which, the purported smartphone features a 5.7-inch holographic display which makes use of nanotechnology which is able to switch back and forth between 2D, 3D and holographic multi-view content.

According to the company, users will be able to watch 2D content at normal screen resolution along with RED Hydrogen 4-View (H4V) and stereo 3D content.

The RED Hydrogen One is also embedded with an “H3O algorithm” in the OS which will render multi-dimensional audio. It will be running on Android.

RED’s media machine will also come with high-speed data port which will enable users to attach modular accessories to it. RED says that these modular accessories include attachments for shooting higher quality videos and pictures as well has Hydrogen format holographic images.

The Hydrogen One will also be able to act as a dedicated control centre integrating with the company's camera portfolio.

Along with this, RED will be introducing a RED Channel dedicated to hosting all holographic content through which users will also be able to convert their videos or stream movies and play games.

The only specifications we have about RED Hydrogen One is that it has a 5.7-inch holographic display, a USB Type-C and expandable MicroSD card. RED didn’t reveal if they are including the battery with the purchase!

The Hydrogen One is expected to ship from Q1 2018.

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