Monday, 8 February 2016

This mysterious virus is back and is killing iPhones!

An old bug called Error 53 is back in the business to haunt Apple iPhone 6 users with several users complaining that their devices repaired by third-party repair shops are breaking.

The problematic bug resurfaced when a journalist, whose phone screen was damaged while covering a refugee crisis got the device repaired in a third-party store.

While the phone initially performed alright after the repair, a subsequent update of the iOS produced the Error 53 bug making the device useless.

The problem seems to occur for iPhones undergoing repairs that involve replacing the home button that also has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor or replacing the display. The error seems to be affecting only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users at the moment though the jury is still out.

Apple acknowledged the issue following complaints from the users and released a statement saying that Error 53 was the result of security checks performed after installing an update, especially the ones that pair the TouchID to the internal Secure Enclave chip.

According to Apple, if the iOS finds a mismatch between the TouchID sensor and other components of the device, the check fails and the sensor is disabled. The Cupertino-based firm said the if the consumer encounters Error 53, they should contact Apple Support.

To educate its iPhone users, Apple has a dedicated page for Error 53, where it clarifies what’s happening.
"When iOS finds an unidentified or unexpected Touch ID module, the check fails. For example, an unauthorized or faulty screen replacement could cause the check to fail. If the check on Touch ID fails, your update won't finish. You'll see a Connect to iTunes screen on your device or a message like this in iTunes on your computer: The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (53)," Apple said on the page.

The global tech major has listed the most common troubleshooting steps to overcome the Error 53.
For iPhone users who had gone for replacement of screen or any other parts at third-party sources, Apple suggests contacting its exclusive Support centres about pricing information for out-of-warranty repairs.

Why do iPhone users go to third party service providers for repairs?

The answer could be simple as Apple's service charges are quite expensive. It is learnt that in many cases involving repairs, Apple does not even offer to repair the device and insists on getting it replaced.

A consumer who approached an authorised Apple service centre in Hyderabad for replacing the broken display told that the store had assisted replacing the entire phone for Rs Rs 22,500.

On the other hand, users identified third-party service providers providing similar services for under Rs 10,000 in the busy Jagadeesh market.

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