Friday, 31 March 2017

Apple iPhone's, iPad's & iPod's need to be upgraded immediately!

After months of testing and seven beta releases to developers, Apple finally rolled out public version of the iOS 10.3 update with several new features, additional Siri functionalities, critical bug-fixes and more.
The new iOS 10.3 comes with the much anticipated Find My AirPods feature, which is a handy software tool to locate the small wire-less earphones that are prone to get lost. Using the connected smart device, users can activate the Find My Airpods.
Once switched on, a sound with low decibel unit emits from the AirPods, that's actually a warning earshot for users, who unknowingly/knowingly (to prank others) try to test the Find My AirPods feature, whilst still keeping it in the ear. After the warning sound, it reaches a high volume within a few seconds and this helps you track the lost earphone.
Apple has also announced that the iOS 10.3 will fix the 30-percent battery glitch, the most annoying bug ever to hit iPhones that caused sudden shutdown of devices, despite having sufficient power. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S series owners have been complaining about this issue since November 2016 after the release of iOS 10.1.1. Apple had even arranged free battery replacement service for select iPhone 6S series models, which angered other device owners, as they too were facing the same issue.
Now, Apple has finally put an end to the nagging battery glitch for good.
There is another key improvement, which will bring joy especially to Indian Apple device owners. Siri will be able to read and display cricket scores, statistics and also Indian Premier League schedules and individual cricketers' stats with just a voice command.
Siri is also updated to be able to pay bills, check on the status of payments, and schedule future rides via cab-hailing apps (such as Uber and Lyft) that support it.
Other key upgrades of iOS 10.3 include:
1. Introduction of 3D Touch functions to the weather icon in the Maps app with hourly forecasts.
2. Easy access to recently used apps on CarPlay.
3. Apple iOS 10.3 allows easy search for parked car via Maps.
4. Slightly refined opening animation for apps to where rounded edges are now visible when opening applications.
5. Podcasts now supports 3D Touch and a Today widget has been added which allows users to access recently updated podcasts.
6. iOS 10.3 update now allows Apple device owners to rearrange songs while repeat mode is turned on.
7. Users can now rent a movie once and they can watch their iTunes movies across their various device.
8. Enhances performance across the system and the responsiveness of the operating system has also been improved.
9. Fixes an issue that could prevent Maps from displaying a user's current location after resetting Location & Privacy settings.
10. Fixes an issue on the iPad Pro where the Apple Pencil's battery wouldn't charge above 5%.
11. Fixes an issue where the Telephoto lens on the iPhone 7 Plus would not activate while in the 2x zoom mode.
12. When choosing an alphanumeric code with numbers only, passcodes can no longer be shorter than 4 characters in length. An error displays saying that "this passcode must be longer".
Though the new iOS 10.3 comes with several new features and critical bug fixes, there is one bummer. All 32-bit class applications will no longer work on your Apple devices. That means, close to 200,000 apps will be loaded off the App Store. This move by Apple has surprised many, as it was rumored to come with iOS 11, which is scheduled to roll-out in September.
A list of apps running in a 32-bit legacy mode can be accessed by going to General -> About and clicking on "Applications".
Note: iOS 10.3 is available to iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, iPod touch 6th generation and later versions.

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