Saturday, 18 March 2017

Super foods to try out this summer!

To make sure that you enjoy all the warm sunny days of the season, food that cool your body and soul are important. From farm fresh fruits to cocktails and yogurts you should be aware of what exactly is essential for your body in summer. You also need to make it up for all the sun damage and dehydration that happens during the season.
Add these 7 Super Foods To Your Summer Diet to cool both your body and soul:

1. Green smoothies

Green smoothies are popular for its capacity to cleanse and detox your body. Most of them are nutrient rich and will make the perfect cold smoothie on a warm summer day. Try to add avocados, kale leaves, ginger, mint, orange and some leafy veggies to your smoothie to make it a fiber-nutrient rich drink.

2. Salads

Salads are highly recommended for everyone due to its nutritional values. The whole fruit/vegetable ingredients in salads make it fiber rich and fresh. There are no extra calories added as most salads are served raw. Try leafy vegetable salads, fruit salads without much diary, or sprouts salad for your brunch or evening snack. 

3. Avocados

Add smoothies, juices, salads and any other dish made with avocado in your daily summer diet because this fruit is worth it all. The glutathione present in avocados helps to flush out all the unwanted chemicals from your body. 

4. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is highly in demand as a workout recover super food but there is more to it. This dairy based product is rich in Vitamin B-12, proteins, calcium and potassium. 

5. Lemons

The Vitamin C rich citrus fruit is popular for its detox benefits and ability to curb dental issues, indigestion, respiratory disorders and skin problems. Lemon can be added in any food that you eat, for it has a strong and refreshing flavor. 
6. Spinach
This Popeye’s vegetable of choice is super rich in Vitamins and helps to improve the purity of your blood. The leaf increases vitality and restores energy in your body. Spinach can be found in abundance during the summer season. 

7. Cocktails

There is no reason for someone to hate a fruity, tangy and sweet cocktail on a summer day/night. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, some flavored syrup, fresh water and a little alcohol to calm your body will do no harm in this season.
Article : Lakshmi.C

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