Thursday, 13 August 2015

Massive explosion rocks China's Tianjin city; 44 killed!

Beijing: At least 44 people were killed in two massive blasts that ripped through a warehouse in China's port city of Tianjin, authorities said on Thursday.

Twelve fire-fighters were among those killed in the blast late Wednesday, Xinhua news agency reported.

A total of 520 people have been hospitalized, including 66 who are critically injured.

The blast ripped through the Ruihai warehouse, which stores dangerous goods, at 11.20 p.m. Wednesday, following a fire report half an hour earlier.

Rescue operations were on to bring out those trapped inside the blast site.

Lu Yun, head of the Taida Hospital, which has admitted around 150 injured people, told Xinhua that the injuries were mostly from broken glass or stones.

Locals said flame lit up the sky and a blast with a big noise blew up dust dozens of metres high. The explosion also shattered glass windows. The shockwaves were felt kilometers away.

As of 3.00 a.m. Thursday, minor fires and blasts could still be seen from a far distance.

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