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Hair Shedding Issues: Tips to fight with hair shedding!

Ombree shade (like Angelina Jolie carried it off) The blonde shade.. Naaaaahhhhhh.. or the blue shade on the edges ( that’s like one of my babe got it done) or the global coloring (Love-struck.. simply stunning and spunky “ Deepika Padukone” got it done in the recent VOGUE SHOOT!) Her first look was sure to serenade her fans!! But you also cant ignore the sizzling and sexy “Sonam Kapoor’s” hairstyle in the recent exclusively Elie Saab World Couture Show.. is also undeniable the most SPECTACULAR!!

Undoubtedly, they follow a structured and proper diet, take scrupulous precautions and what not ?? ( Of course, they spend exorbitant like a BOMB..) for their detox regime and exercising routines.

Practically, it’s not possible to retain it that way.. so frizzy hair, greasy and oily scalp.. and along with all this.. comes HAIR-SHEDDING!! (Oops.. which is indeed a TERROR for me)

So girlies.. Before you panic about the state of your curls and coils or the textured hair locks, lets have a look at these handy tips to stop your hair from shredding!

Frequent Brushing

Oh yes, how can you forget this handy cure for hair shedding (Well, I always carry a small brush in my handbag always) I know it’s not possible always, but girls.. believe me!! This is the only way to get rid of the almost dead hairs stuck with the healthy ones.

Also, the WAY YOU BRUSH contributes to the health of your hair. Use a brush which is gentle and soft on scalp. Instead of starting from roots, start section wise.  

TIPS: One should usually comb hair 3/4 times a day.. once in the morning, evening and once before going to bed. Excess of brushing might lead to hair breakage.

And for the girls with CURLY HAIR :

Spray some water or run wet fingers through your hair once you’re done brushing.
Its utmost important to detangle and remove dead hairs.

LOOSE, Leave your hair loose

Whether you make a messy bun in a party, or a Boho-Style-braid with your girlfriends on a lunch.. But don’t ever forget to keep them loose, when you’re relaxing or chilling comfortably at your home. The hairstyles which includes tying up too tightly often gives you stress!!

Generally, on daily basis 50-100 hair strands sheds daily. This might not only give you tension.. but can make your head go round..but do not.. I repeat..do not freak out !!!

Just relax … its the part and parcel of natural hair growth.

TIPS: Whenever you get back from work or office, get into your favorite cotton pajamas and t shirt.. and just loosen up your hair!

Let your hair breathe..!

A BIG NO, to heavy styling products

Initially, you will love them because it might change your look completely . You’ll start loving your hair and might also feel more confident ! Because within seconds, a baffled person who is thinking what to do and what not to? Gets a stunning hairdo and gives you a fashionista celebrity type look!! Avoid gels, mousses, permanent extensions, sprays and other products which makes your hair sticky.
The solution, yes we have!! ( I do follow them on regular basis)

I agree, certain occasions do demand such a professional look ! But not every-time. You can also apply a home-made hair pack every week to make them internally strong. Also, they are natural based..so don’t worry about the side-effects!

TIPS: Girls.. go and raid your fridge for healthy hair..!
  • Wash your hair and rinse it with BEER for an extra special clean. . Yes.. Beer..! Massage them deeply for sometime and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • EGG (pack of proteins) is a great conditioner. Mixing it with olive oil gives marvelous results. Massage your scalp and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing out with warm water.
  • Also, washing hair with GREEN TEA makes your hair soft and shiny. Massage it for 20 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water.
Also, you can use a LOW-HEAT-SETTING for blow drying.

Avoid using TIGHT RUBBER BANDS as it might encourage your hair to get snagged and ripping it out of the follicle.

Enjoy a massage to relax the scalp and strengthen the roots

Girls.. you just cant stop your hair from shedding completely. So the best way, is to deal with it! Massage is one of the simplest ways to stop your hair from shedding. This will relax and stimulate the scalp. Improve blood flood and releases stress. Just a technique.. and no equipment is required! Start slowly with the balls of your fingers, then from top to the neckline and so on.

TIPS: Thinking of those days, when  your mother use to give you a “champi” with warm coconut oil every week during my school days.. !! It does wonders.

Try it out.. its really gonna help you!

Avoid taking very hot showers

Taking shower in hot water, opens up the pores and cuticles of your hair.. causing it to be brittle, frizzy and dry.

Also, it will remove “sebum” (natural oil) which strengthens and gives shines to hair.

No matter, what your hair texture is, it needs MOISTURE to stay frizz free.

TIPS : Always, wash your hair with normal, warm or room-temperature water. Once a month, steam hair-spa is also a must.

Avoid certain colors and fabrics

Choose your fabrics carefully girls! Rougher and static-y fabrics will protract your agony and will make the hair stick. Also, silkier and soft clothes helps them to roll off.

If your hair is dark, stick to dark shades and vice-versa. 

Already your hair sheds daily, so avoiding this will add on to more shedding!

TIPS :- Like if you have any scalp infection or dandruff problem.. avoid wearing dark colors.. because it will fall on your shoulders and will be clearly visible!!

Protect your hair from sun exposure

Girls, excess of sun exposure might damage your hair. The way you protect our skin from harmful UV rays, in the same we need to save our hair as well! Those rays will steal your hair of their moisture and will make them dry and brittle. Hence, it will lead to breakage and shedding.

TIPS: Carry a scarf always. Cover you hair with it, when you’re exposed to sunlight or while driving two-wheeler. 

Handle wet hair carefully

After your shower, let your hair dry naturally. Wrap your wet hair in a COTTON T-SHIRT (yes, perfect!) Towels area made of rough fabric which causes frizziness and split ends.  Don’t brush them when they are wet, as it makes them brittle and dry. Always, use a wide toothed comb to brush out the tangles.

TIPS:- If in case you take a shower at night, repeat the same procedure as mentioned above..put your hair up in a bun, and let it dry naturally in the  overnight. It avoids breakage.

Are you suffering from hair shedding? How do you deal with it? (Like on a rate-o-meter) Going bald is a common female nightmare!!!! If yes, following the above tips might reduce it to an extent.

Look young ..Love your hair.. Feed them with essential supplements.. Style them naturally and say BYE-BYE TO BAD HAIR !!

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