Wednesday, 20 April 2016

How I Met Your Father: Australian Woman Traces Her Sperm Donor And Marries Him!

Life is full of surprises. But the best feeling is when despite all the odds, it rewards you with something unexpected. And, this is what happened with Aminah Hart. She not only traced down her anonymous sperm donor, but also fell in love and got hitched with him.

Interesting isn’t? Want to know her whole journey? Then read on to know about her story.

After enduring the tragic loss of two sons, Marlon and Louis, due to a genetic disorder called as x-linked myotubular myopathy, Melbourne-based Aminah Hart decided to become a mother through IVF, using an anonymous sperm donor. And thus, she finalised “happy and healthy” 45-year-old Scott Anderson, who was a football-playing cattle farmer. But, little did she know that one day she will marry her sperm donor!

A year after giving birth to her “big and healthy” daughter, Leila, Hart wanted her father to play some role in their life. And thus, began the search. Hart’s mother-in-law Helen found a picture of Anderson online after which she encouraged her daughter-in-law to get in touch with the fertility centre.

And, after seeing the resemblance between him and Leila, Anderson met the daughter and mother on August 18, 2013 in Melbourne. Hart said: “It was much easier than I’d anticipated. I was nervous… I was walking in to meet a complete stranger and I had his genetic child in my arms.”

Soon cupid struck, and they were in love with each other. In an interview to Channel Nine, Hart said: “What happened to Scott and I is such a random thing. He was basically just a brief profile on a piece of paper. He could have been anyone. The fact that we met and we liked each other and we fell in love and all of those things are still so far-fetched to me.”

Anderson proposed Hart on her late son, Louis’s birthday. She quoted: “He went out to get milk with Leila and came back with an engagement ring, which was a real surprise because usually I spent the anniversaries of their death and birthdays having a quiet day.”

In December 2015, the couple exchanged their vows in Sorrento, Victoria with only 130 of their closest friends and family. Hart was dressed in a beautiful white lace dress and floral crown. Leila was a flower girl. Hart was elated on her big day which was very evident in her smile, and said: “It really felt like the beginning of something incredibly beautiful. You could see the happiness and pure elation in the room.”

Hart is even happier to have a one big happy family with Anderson and his two sons Luke, 22, Jye, 30 and daughter Bailey, 18, from his previous relationship.

Hart has even penned a memoir, ‘How I Met Your Father’, as a tribute to her late sons Marlon and Louis, who lost their lives at 14 weeks and 14 months respectively. The book is all set to be made in a movie soon.

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