Thursday, 30 June 2016

Clever hacks for the rainy season!

Avoid smelly feet:
You would have noticed it especially during rainy season that your feet smell a lot. This happens because of wearing closed shoes which do not let enough air to pass through your soles. Wear footwear that is loose and open. Also, keep washing your feet often and apply anti-fungal cream(daily if possible).

Keep away flies and insects:
It's almost as though monsoon invites flies and insects. Keep them away by hanging chilies and lime on the door and windows, and by growing mint and tulsi plants around the house.

Get rid of damp smell:
The moisture locked air makes indoor spaces feel very damp and humid. Get rid of the odour by either burning some camphor or leaving a wide-mouthed bowl filled with vinegar in corner of the room.

For quick dry:
Always keep a microfiber towel handy, as it can absorb water and quickly dry your hair after an unexpected rain. You can also dry your socks by rolling them in such a towel and squeezing out all the excess water.

Back up garments:
If you know you can get caught in a downpour anytime soon, pack extra pair of clothes and socks before you leave home. Chances of catching cold and other diseases increase if you roam around in drenched garments.

Keep plastic bags handy:
Plastic bags are monsoon saviours. Always keep one or two plastic bags handy, so that when rain takes you by surprise you can cover your essentials in it. Don't risk wetting your wallet and gadgets; carry a bag to prevent such a situation.

Tag your umbrella:
One of the worst thins to happen in rainy day is to misplace or loose your umbrella. Try avoiding such a scenario by tagging your umbrella with your name and contact no. Don't forget to use a waterproof ink.

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