Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Come monsoon, dig into these six easy Indian snacks!

Monsoon is a time when the weather demands you enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain drops from the cozy confines of your home. While on one hand, to be stuck inside the house for the fear of getting caught in rain or water-logged streets is a good enough reason to sulk, on the other hand, enjoying delectable hot snacks with a cup of hot tea or coffee in the company of your near and dear ones can uplift the sulky mood.
Monsoons not just gives you the reason to enjoy delicacies that you would otherwise give a miss,  it also lets you soak in the breezy and cool weather and spend some good peaceful time. 
Here are six Indian snacks that you can savor this monsoon:
1. Vada Pav: Piping hot masala potato balls served inside hot pav breads smothered with chilly and garlic chutney along with deep fried green chillies, this snack is one of the most popular street foods in the country. While Mumbai is the place where Vada Pavs are found galore, the immense popularity of the snack has made it the most sought after snacks across the country, especially on roadside eateries near the beaches.
2. Onion Pakodas or Pyaazi: Batter fried onions and green chillies are a favorite tea time snack in every household across the country. As soon as it starts to rain, the sheer smell of the wet earth gives urges the foodie in you to churn out this piping hot delicacy that goes well with tea, coffee or even alcohols. You can even make the same with potatoes, cauliflowers and brinjal. Pakodas are an evergreen food item in the culinary traditions of India.
3. Corn or Bhutta: Come monsoons, and you can spot one or the other vendor huddled under their umbrellas on the street-side, roasting corn on a bed of coal and serving it with a dash of lemon, black salt, and chaat masala. With corn, especially sweet corn, being available now across the supermarkets, it has found a prominent place in the Indian Kitchens. Boil it, roast it, eat it the way you want. With a hint of salt and lemon, or butter and salt, hot corn on a cool rainy day is pure bliss.
4. Pav Bhaji: This spicy curry of mixed vegetables served with a hot pav breads mildly fried in butter, along with onions and lemon, is one dish that not just satiates your taste buds but the taste lingers on for days. Imagine watching raindrops lash your glass windows, and you enjoying a plate of hot buttery pav bhaji.
5. Sabudana Vada: Fried dumpling of sago and potatoes is usually eaten during fasts or navratri. But that does not stop one from gorging onto these tiny delicacies on a rainy afternoon.

6. Papdi Chaat: We Indians love our spicy and tangy chaats. From pani puri to dahi bhallas, bhel puri to papdi chaats, we don’t need a season to gorge onto these mouthwatering items. Perhaps the easiest and quickest variety of Indian snacks, this can be prepared at home with as much as ease and comfort as we would need to eat it. What you waiting for?

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