Friday, 20 May 2016

Food habits you must avoid in summers!

Summer is a season when we love to let our hair down and enjoy moving around without any additional accessories that are mandatory in other seasons. With lots of delicacies to enjoy, it becomes crucial to make the right choice when it comes to eating, as in this season one is prone to indigestion during this time. Further, there are food that have the tendency to increase the heat inside our body. We should avoid such foods as they might cause exhaustion, sleeping disorder and irritability.

Here are a couple of those food that you can probably avoid or eat less in summers:

Stale or Leftover Food – Bacteria tends to grow faster in a hot and humid environment. So, one must try and avoid consumption of food prepared the previous day. Eating fresh and homemade food is always a better idea.

Spicy Food – Indians have more affinity towards rich and spicy food. But such food can cause your stomach to rumble. One needs to reduce the intake of chilli, pepper, ginger, cumin and cinnamon during hot seasons as these ingredients have a thermogenic effect on the body as they increase the metabolism.

Fried and Junk Food – Junk and fried food are strictly to be avoided especially during summers. Such food products not only lead to obesity but also increase the acidity and indigestion during the summer months.

Tea & Coffee – Hot beverages such as tea and coffee needs to be avoided during peak summer months. The caffeine in the beverages leads to dehydration which could be hazardous especially in the days of summer.

Sauces – Sauces especially cheese sauce should strictly be avoided as it not only adds on to the calories but also leads to a feeling of sluggishness and bloating.

Popsicles – The idea of enjoying cool Popsicle on a hot summer day is very appealing but the artificial coloring used for the eatery have been proved to be carcinogenic. So Popsicles, though delicious and tempting, are a big no for the summers. You can replace them with fresh juice and homemade sherbet dabs.

Frozen Yogurt – One might think that what could be a better option than low-fat frozen yogurt to cool off yourself. But it is always advisable to have normal yogurt or homemade frozen juice or fruit pops as these frozen yogurts have a high quantity of sugar that might lead to weight gain.

So, this summer eat wisely and stick to the natural fruits and food items that are easy on the stomach and save yourself from unnecessary inconvenience and health hazards.

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