Saturday, 21 May 2016

Indian herbs that are good for summers!

India is a country with varied seasons and summers can be very notorious. Indian herbs are one of the best alternatives to evade problems related to heat, such as heatstroke, allergy, acne, rashes, excessive sweating. Ayurveda has been using Indian herbs for treating many ailments. According to ancient Indian medical system - Ayurveda - there are a plenty of herbs that could prove to be very useful in regulating body temperature and keeping oneself cool when the outside heat becomes unbearable. These herbs when added to food, not only enhance their flavor but also have a cooling effect on us. 

Here are a few herbs that you can use in summers:

Rose – Not only useful for its essential oils that are required for soaps and perfumes; rose is a herb that has many other benefits as well. When applied on skin, it has a soothing effect. It is also said to calm irritability caused due to heat. Rose can also be very helpful in treating menstrual cramps and relieve diarrohea. Dried rose petals are used in tea to make it more appealing and soothing in hot summer months.

Chamomile – Chamomile is an effective cooling agent that also calms anxiety and prevents insomnia. The herb is also very beneficial in case of the upset stomach due to heat. It is also of a great help when it comes to treating hair and scalp from sun damage. Chamomile is also used for treating inflammation, insect bites, rashes and even scraps and cuts.

Mint – Apart from offering fresh and cool breath, mint is also very helpful when it comes to cooling off the body. It is a perennial herb that is rapidly used as a cooling agent in summers. You can use mint in many ways. Whether it be salad or tea or chutney or lemonade; a dash of mint would not only enhance its flavor but would also make it more useful when it comes to cooling effect. There are several varieties of mint, but the most prevalent ones are peppermint and spearmint. Mint plays a key role in digestion without increasing the body temperature. It is also supposed to relieve headaches and nausea and prevent fatigue and depression.

Rubia cordifolia or Manjistha - Rubia cordifolia commonly known as Manjistha is one of the best cooling agents in Ayurveda. It not only cools down the blood but is also said to have toxin removing property. It assists kidney and liver functions and reduces the damage caused due to heat. 

Indian Gooseberry – Indian Gooseberry is commonly known as Amla is not only loaded with vitamin c but is also said to reduce excessive heat from the digestive system.  It also detoxifies the body and nourishes it while having an overall cooling effect on the body.

Aloe Vera – This is one of the best cooling herbs that can be used in summer. Apart from having a soothing effect, this herb is said to have many additional benefits. Aloe Vera is said to sooth sunburn most effectively. It is also very effective in treating fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. You can use it for treating acne, bug bites, and itching & dry skin. Aloe Vera is considered the most effective herbal plant in summers as it is one of the best cooling agents that keeps your skin lively, fresh and prevents pigmentation due to heat.

If we incorporate simple herbs in our day to day life we can easily prevent the ailments and inconvenience caused by summer. These herbs would not only rejuvenate your skin internally but would have an internal cooling effect on your body.

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