Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Recipes For A Casual Summer Get Together!


Rose Mango Thandai

1 shot Thandai
½ shot sugar syrup
1 teaspoon dry rose petal
1 tablespoon almond – crushed
½ teaspoon green cardamom powder
4 shot Vanilla Latte
8 shot low-fat toned milk (Amul)
4-5 Ice cubes
Peeled Mango

Take a Glass Jar or a Tall glass. Mix all ingredients i.e. sugar syrup, thandai, rose petals, almonds, cardamom powder, vanilla latte, milk, mango and ice cubes. Blend the ingredients until they make a smooth concoction. Pour in glasses and garnish with rose petals to serve.

Dasheri Bruschetta

Ingredients Mango - 200 gm
Tomato - 60 gm
Basil - 3 gm
Salt - 5 gm
Black Pepper - 2 gm
Olive Oil - 10 ml
Garlic - 5 gm
8 slices of bread toast

Dice the mangoes and tomatoes finely in a bowl. Chop the basil finely and add to it. Add finely chopped garlic and sprinkle pepper and salt on it. Mix all the ingredients in olive oil. Place the mixture on bread toast and serve.

Watermelon, Celery, Pomegranate Juice Blend

Ingredients (for one jar)Watermelon - 500 gms (peeled)
Celery - 4 stalks (of 6 inches each, keep one for garnish)
Pomegranate - 4 tbsp
Pomegranate Syrup - 15 ml

Method Wash and peel the fruits. Put fruits in a juicer and squeeze out the juice in a glass. Place the juice in the refrigerator to cool. Add 15 ml Pomegranate syrup in the juice. Garnish with celery stalk.

Chilli Cheese Toast

Ingredients 40 gm Cheddar Cheese
40 gm Mozzarella Cheese
10 gm Green Chilli
5 Parsley
1 Bread Slice

Method Toast  bread slice on one side in a toaster. Mix all the ingredients and spread them on other side of the bread slice. Bake the bread in an oven until the cheese is baked to golden Brown. Cut the toast as one into four Pieces. Serve with tomato ketchup.

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