Thursday, 1 September 2016

Different foods that are ineffective of pesticides!

Onions: Being least affected by pesticides, onions are usually treated to no external chemicals and are often grown to prevent pests from creating a havoc in your garden. Thus, there is no reason to buy them organic.

Corn: Protected by layers and layers of leaves, corn is one of the safest foods to buy inorganic, as it does the job of protecting itself. Make sure you always buy fresh corn though, as it is the best quality possible out there.

Pineapple: We all hate that tough, gnarly outermost layer of pineapple. But it is this exact layer that protects the sweet fruit inside from all the germs and pesticides in the world. This makes buying organic pineapple redundant.

Mango: Protected by a thick skin to keep all those pesticides at bay, our favourite fruit, mango, is best bought inorganic, specially in India. But make sure you wash your mangoes off well and nice under running water before you eat them. You never know what’s on there.

Sweet peas: Peeling peas can be quite a task, but you should actually be thankful for those pesky pods. The pods keep the sweet peas inside safe, making them the least like vegetable to be affected by pests. Just keep an eye out for pods infected by worms; those are the worst.

Kiwis: With a thick, tough and fuzzy protective layer, kiwis tend to keep themselves safe buy trapping all the pesticides in their outermost skin. There is no need to spend extra bucks buying them organic, trust us.

Eggplant: With a slick and thick protective layer, all those pesky pesticides just slide off your baingans. But if you’re planning on a bharta, where you will be eating the outer skin too, we suggest you do go for the organic version, just in case.

Sweet Potatoes: They are basically underground roots, which makes it highly unlikely that sweet potatoes may be contaminated with pesticides or infected by pests. Besides, sweet potatoes are a superfood, and you should eat plenty of them. But that does not mean you also need to spend extra money buying them organic.

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