Saturday, 13 August 2016

10 anti-rape devices that every woman should know about!

Anti Rape Buckle
19-year-old Nadja Björk and her friends designed a belt that would require the wearer to move a military styled buckle through a labyrinth into the correct position in order to unlock the belt. The main intention behind the complicated design was that it would deter the potential rapist because the belt needs two hands together to unlock it.

Angel wing
This small and cute keychain has a rod with a drawstring. At the moment of attack, when the rod is pulled, the device produces an alarm with 90 decibels of sound, which is capable enough to scare away the attackers and inform the police.

Hairy Stockings
This practical fashion item aims at deflecting unwanted male attraction and was first invented in China. The tights are now manufactured all over the world in multiple versions by multiple companies, after it became a hit in China.

Anti Molestation Jacket
It is a jacket that was invented by Nishant, Priya and Shahzad Ahmad of India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology. With a push of a button the jacket produces shocks of 110 volts of electricity which is capable of incapacitate the attackers long enough for the police to arrive.

Anti-rape underwear
The device, that’s famously known as Anti-Rape underwear has the ability to shock the attacker 38 times. Along with delivering the electric shocks, the device has the ability to inform the police as it is harnessed with GPS and mobile communication.

Rape Axe
It is an anti rape condom invented by Dr. Sonette Ehlers that goes in like a tampon and contains barbs inside. When the man’s “parts” are inside the condom, he will need to go through a complex surgery to remove it since the barbs stab themselves in and might disfigure “it” permanently.

The Snare
The device contains a spring loaded stainless steel lasso that can severely damage the attacker by two very sharp spikes, using turbular motion sensors. Here, the attacker can get himself impaled or possibly castrated.

The Injector
The device injects sedatives into the attacker as well as tattoo dye, by which the attacker can not only be stopped but identified later by the ink. This wearable device, invented by Ira Sherman is like branding an attacker.

The Grenade
This small device, first manufactured by the company RoboCop, creates a sound of 120 decibels which can make the attacker’s ear bleed as well as getting some attention from people around.

The Killer Tampon
The tampon has a guillotine like blade inside a spring loaded hollow cylinder. Once the tampon goes off, it can decapitate the attacker’s “parts”. It was created by Jaap Haumann with the purpose of preventing rape in South Africa but unfortunately, the sales never happened and he was criticized for his design.

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