Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Usain Bolt caught cheating on his girlfriend?

The Lighting Bolt, who upped his gold medal count to nine with his spectacular Olympic run at Rio — which could possibly be his swansong — has been reveling on his success ever since, perhaps a bit too much.
The iconic sprinter, who turned 30 last Sunday, has been photographed shirtless cuddling and kissing a mystery Brazilian woman during his birthday party.
The woman has been identified as Jady Duarte, the 20-year-old widow of a drug lord who was shot dead by the Brazilian police earlier this year.
Jady shared intimate images of hers with Bolt on whatsapp, claiming that she wasn’t aware of the identity of the legendary sprinter. Once the pics went viral, she maintained her non-involvement in the scandal, saying that she was surprised and upset the same time about her newfound notoriety.
According to reports, Bolt has been in a relationship with a 26-year-old Jamaican named Kasi Bennett for the past two years, and Bolt’s sister recently mentioned that the duo is likely to get engaged soon.
The couple have been maintaining a low-profile. While Kasi has been cheering for her man during the past couple of days on Instagram, she hasn’t posted a single photo of theirs together to date. Bolt however posted a photo of theirs five months back, captioning it “President and First Lady”.
Now people have started posting comments under the same, asking why he cheated on Kasi.
With the news going viral, fake profiles of Jady have surfaced, some of them even boasts of thousands of followers.
Although Jady insists that she wasn’t aware of who Bolt was, it’s hard to believe her claim. Interestingly, people are curious to know about her experience with the ‘fastest man on earth’, but the young lady refused to divulge much, referring to her one-night stand as “normal”, and not a big deal.

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