Saturday, 20 August 2016

Picking your nose is gross as well as dangerous!

The chances are that at some point in your life you have picked your nose when there’s no one watching.
Don’t feel too bad about that - everyone’s done it, even if it is a bit gross. 
However, there is a reason other than social niceties for not sticking your finger up your nostril to catch bogies - it turns out it can actually be dangerous.
Dr Erich Voigt has revealed that by poking around your nose you could be introducing some particularly nasty germs to your body.
It happens when you scratch a bit too hard and cause abrasions.
Danger: Germs can enter your body if you do this.
And if these abrasions start to bleed, you can promote all sorts of germs. Plus, a crust will form over the cuts - causing you to pick even more.
Dr Voigt told Business Insider: “The blood supply to the nose is very vigorous - there are five arteries that lead to the front of the nose (kiesselbach’s plexus).
"When an abrasion occurs there can be vigorous bleeding, children induce a lot of nosebleeds that way.”
And don’t even get us started on people who eat what they pick.

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