Sunday, 21 August 2016

World's largest aircraft makes maiden voyage!

Bum Deal

The back end of the Airlander 10 has seen it dubbed with the less-than-glamourous nickname, ‘the flying bum’.

Record Breaker

At 302ft long, the blimp-like design is considered to be the largest aircraft in the world.

Technological Innovation

The Airlander 10 is part plane, part helicopter and part airship and was revamped in the UK.

Keeping Watch

The craft was originally developed for the U.S. government as a long-endurance surveillance aircraft.

Take Off

Crowds clapped and cheered as the craft soared above them during its first outing from the First World War hangar where it was revealed in March.

Keeping It Down

Airlander 10 is about 50ft longer than the biggest passenger jets - but a lot quieter.

Easy Rider

The craft is designed to be very simple for pilots to manoeuvre.

Top Speed

It uses helium to become airborne and can can travel at a speed of 92mph in wind speeds of up to 80 knots.

Claps And Cheers

Looming large in the sky, the Airlander is already a hit with the crowds.

Up In The Air

The aircraft will be able to stay airborne for five days during manned flights.


It could be used for a variety of functions such as surveillance, communications, delivering aid and even passenger travel.

All Worth It

Onlookers described the aircraft as “unusual” and “absolutely worth the wait”.

The Wait Is Over

People have been practicing to fly the Airlander for five years.

Gentle Giant

Despite its size, those on board should expect an “unusually calm” flight experience.

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