Friday, 29 July 2016

5 reasons you must include "fennel seeds" in your diet!

Helps with weight loss: Fennel is known to help speed up your metabolism as well as aid the breaking down of fat. It also helps suppress your appetite and provides you with a satiated feeling. This is exactly why consuming fennel after a meal is a norm in Indian households. If you’re focused on weight loss however, we suggest you mix some powdered fennel seeds with water and take it twice a day.

Makes you look younger: Being high in antioxidants, fennel seeds are perfect to prevent degeneration in the body and help slow down the ageing process too. There is no better way to maintain a glowing complexion than by chewing a few fennel seeds a day or consuming it as a tea.

Aids digestion: Being high in dietary fibre, fennel seeds are very useful for facilitating digestion. They also aid in alleviating a myriad of digestive problems like heartburn, colic, bloating, flatulence and intestinal gas.

Relieves water retention: Regular consumption of fennel seed tea is beneficial to you in more ways than one. Because of its diuretic properties, fennel seeds are perfect in relieving water retention from your body. It is perfect for reducing the risk of UTIs, too.

Relieves menstrual problems: Fennel is a rich source of iron, folic acid, potassium and vitamin C, which makes it very useful is reducing the risk of anaemia and menstrual problems in women. 
Fennel seeds help regulate menstrual flow as well as relieve symptoms associated with PMS and menopausal disorders.

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