Tuesday, 26 July 2016

8 things to keep in mind while jogging!

Warm yourself up first before jogging

Before starting your daily jogging activity, warm yourself up first by stretching or jumping so as to energize your muscles, because if your muscles aren’t loosened up before you stretch, you’re more at risk for pulling them.

Do wear proper running shoes

Whether you’re a professional runner or just a beginner, shoes play an important role not only give you a comfortable run, also keep your feet uninjured. Happy feet can make all the difference.

Clothes are important as well

Always wear comfortable clothes while jogging, something made out of thin fabric which absorbs body sweat.

Do keep yourself hydrated

Keep sipping as much water as you can before, during and after jogging to keep your body hydrated as you lose fluids in the form of sweat while jogging.

Do set a goal

You can start with slow rinning and increase your speed gradually knowing your strength and stamina. Then set a goal for yourself in terms of time and distance.

Don't jog if you are in pain

Never chose to jog if you are physically hurt or have any injuries as it might further aggravate the pain.

Don’t jog in isolated areas

You should not jog in isolated areas unless you have a companion. There is no rule as such, however, this is just to keep you safe and secure from a threat when you are alone.

Don’t wear headphones while jogging

Wearing headsets is a big no-no as it always distracts your attention from the surroundings and put you at several risks.

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