Monday, 11 July 2016

Some brilliant things that were invented in prison!

Genre of Novel

Literature grew into several diverse forms after its birth due to many cultural and political reasons. One such branch of literature, called prison literature, actually gave birth to modern novels. A convict named Cervantes was the reason behind it. He wrote his first novel while he was still imprisoned.

Razor Blade Immersion Heater

Prisoners of Santa Fu jail in Germany invented an immersion heater out of razor blades. But they did not make it to boil or heat water as we’d expect; they used it to distil forbidden alcoholic drinks in prison.


Believe it or not, two prisoners from Germany actually created a shotgun in 1984 by smartly making use of available materials like wood and iron bedposts. They used AA batteries and broken light bulb to ignite it.


When it comes to ways of escaping prisons, inmates turn into the most creative minds alive on earth. In one such case of surprising inventions, a couple of prisoners made a ladder from the steel rails of bookshelves and used it to escape the premises.

Erie Canal

If it weren’t for Hawley’s 14 exhaustive essays on details of Erie Canal, the trade between eastern and western America probably would have never flourished as much. This man singlehandedly worked on the entire project during his jail time.

Cure for Septicemia

Septicemia is a deadly form of blood poisoning, and its cure was invented by a prisoner. Robert Franklin Stroud didn’t only invent that but also published two highly influential books in the field of avian pathology. Interesting part is that he wasn’t even a doctor!

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