Monday, 11 July 2016

Some little known facts about the Earth!

Earth isn’t round

Earlier people used to believe that Earth is a flat surface and now if you ask anyone about its shape, they’ll tell you it is round. Wrong. Earth actually has a bulge on the equator which stretches about 20 miles outwards. So it looks more rotund than round.

Uneven Gravity

If you thought gravity was equally spread all over the earth’s surface, you were mistaken. There is a place in Canada by the name Hudson Bay where gravity is lesser than usual. It could be attributed to the less amount of land mass left in that area due to melting glaciers.

Abundance of Salt

There is so much salt present on our planet that if you were to dissolve it in all the oceans in the world, there will still be enough left to create a 500 feet thick salt layer on the entire landmass.

Walking Rocks

Have you ever heard of rocks that can walk around? Well, apparently in a place called Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, there is a flat lakebed where rocks, big as well as small, physically move from one place to another.

Self sufficient heat source

We have been taught that Sun is our major source of heat and energy and that without it all life forms on Earth will cease to exist. But little do people know that the core of our planet is as hot as the surface of Sun. So if ever sun rays get blocked due to any unforeseen condition, we can always harness the heat present in the core to sustain ourselves.

Largest Living Creature

If you were to ask anyone about the largest living creature on earth, they’ll probably tell you about the Blue Whale. But there’s something bigger than that too.There is a specific type of honey mushroom in Oregon which is over 2200 acres big and spreads across all underground.

Unexplored underwater species

We have reached the moon and got our satellites covering other planets, but we still haven’t fully explored our own water bodies. With information only about 210,000 species, roughly 20 million underwater species are still left to be discovered.

Underwater Gold

There are over 20 million tons of gold present at the bottom of sea. But it’s spread over such a vast area that only 13 billionth of a gram of gold can be extracted from one litre of water.

Driest place on Earth

Believe it or not, the driest place on our planet is actually situated next to the biggest water body in the world. Atacama Desert in northern Chile is considered the driest place on Earth and is next to the Pacific Ocean.

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