Saturday, 30 July 2016

Remember human barbie? This is what she's up to now!

Lesser known fact:
Not many people know this but before Valeria earned her name as human Barbie, she finished her bachelor’s degree in architecture from an Ukrainian university. This Russian model is undoubtedly a great combination of brain and beauty.

Early modelling days:
Valeria started modelling at a young age. Her first big victory in the field of modelling was during “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” contest where she bagged the first prize among 300 other contestants.

Instant fame:
After winning the World wide beauty contest, she did multiple photo-shoots with Russian media. That’s when she was recognized as a doll like model and instantly became popular around the world for being the ‘Human Barbie’.

Accused of surgeries:
Due to her perfect doll features, Lukyanova was accused multiple number of times for undergoing several plastic surgeries to get that look. However, she still maintains that she has got only breast implants done and nothing else. She uses makeup to enhance her features.

No food, only air:
Valeria put herself through great struggle to get the Barbie body. She embraced the belief of Breatharianism which suggests that one can live off of air and light and doesn’t need to food to survive.

New inspiration:
By now Valeria had become a recognizable face around the world. But after some time, Lukyanova started disliking her fragile body. She started looking for new inspiration and some new heights to achieve.

From Barbie to Amazon girl:
Valeria got motivated to achieve the Amazonian look. She transformed herself completely from a fragile doll-like lady to a fierce and strong woman from Amazon. While that took a lot of hard work, Valeria was all up for it.

Spiritual instructor:
Lukyanova had been inclined towards spirituality from a very young age, and now she is working as an instructor the school of Out-of-Body Travel. She teaches her students how to leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual self.

Passion for Music:
Not just modelling and spirituality, Valeria is also highly passionate about music. She considers herself an “opera-new age” singer. She believes that when she sings, it puts her in a deep trance that allows her to explore her hidden inner self.

Career in EDM:
In 2015, Valeria released her first single ‘Jack your barbie’ with a Russian DJ. She is currently reported to be working on a new album where she’ll sing in forgotten ancient languages.

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