Friday, 1 July 2016

Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani Mukherjea sat on top and strangled daugther, says driver!

Shyamvar rai, the driver, co-accused in the Sheena Bora murder case had turned approver, and confessed regarding the case, and a 12-page statement has been issued. The Bombay High Court observed that the others who are accused have a right to get a copy of the statement and directed the CBI court to hand it over to the accused, including Indrani's husband, ex-media baron Peter Mukerjea.
According to a report in TOI, Shyamvar Rai, has claimed that Indrani Mukerjea, the main accused in the case, had strangled her daughter inside a car on April 24, 2012. On Indrani's instruction, both Rai and Indrani's ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna were helping her. While Rai covered Sheena's mouth, Khanna held Sheena tightly.
In the statement it is also claimed that the 'katta' (pistol) that Rai was caught with at the time of his arrest in August 2015 was handed over to him in a parcel on Indrani's instructions.
Kajal Sharma, Indrani's assistant, had asked Rai to take three months severance pay, an amount paid to an employee on the early termination of a contract, and leave, the statement claims.
"Indrani madam Sheena Ke mandi par baith Ke Sheena ka gala daba rahi thi...Sheena ne jor se meri ungli Kat li. Meri ungli se khoon nikla. Indrani madam Sheena Ke muh Ke upar baith gayii (Indrani sat on top of Sheena and was strangling her. Sheena bit my finger. It was bleeding)..." reads a portion of the statement according to the report in TOI.
According to Rai, after the murder Khanna and Indrani were speaking something in English which Rai could not understand. But their conversation had mentions of Mikhail (Indrani's son), Rahul (Peter's son) and Worli.
A lawyer privy to the statement also said that Rai had not made any allegations about Peter.
The court allowed Rai's plea to turn approver in the case, in May this year, when Rai who had applied to be an approver, said that he wanted to 'disclose all truths' regarding Sheena's murder.
Rai will now testify as a prosecution witness.
During the hearing on June 6, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) told special judge HS Mahajan that it had no objection to Rai turning an approver.
All the four accused including Peter Mukerjea have been behind bars since the first arrests were made in November last year.

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